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Fifty Dogs Rescued From a Former Dog Meat Farm in South Korea

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Humans and animals have a very strong bond, especially when it comes to dogs. But there are times when humans can be rather inhumane and cruel towards these canine friends. 

Animal rights groups from Korea managed to save the lives of 50 dogs who were about to end up as meat. This dog meat farm was closed down by the authorities. They would have to be euthanized if it weren’t for these rescuers.

According to the people who rescued these dogs, the dogs were left in metal cages. They weren’t given adequate water or food to suffice. After a demolition order was issued for the particular property, the farmers who were controlling the facility left the dogs behind. 

When the rescuers entered the dog meat farm, the dogs there hid. This was a clear indication that they were traumatized and scared of people.

 It must have been horrific for these dogs to witness the deaths of their own friends. 

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Representatives from Humane Society International, LIFE, Korean K9 Rescue, and Yongin Animal Care Association worked together with the local authorities to free these dogs before the building was demolished. 

The majority of the dogs were jindos and mastiffs. Many dogs there suffered from malnourishment, skin diseases, sore feet, head, and ear wounds.

Although the dogs seemed scared of the rescuers at first, they reacted positively when the rescuers showed them kindness. Currently, the dogs are at the HSI temporary facility in South Korea, getting the care and love that they actually deserve. 

With the positive human interaction they are receiving, the dogs are now learning to trust humans again. After receiving vaccinations to ensure their good health, they will be flying to shelters in the USA and Canada, where they will eventually find their forever homes.

What is a dog meat farm?

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In South Korea, dogs are farmed for human consumption and are treated like cash crops. They usually live in tiny overcrowded outdoor cages and are given very little food and usually no water. The enclosures are unprotected from scorchingly hot summers and brutally cold winters. The dogs have no choice but to sit and sleep in their own excrement. They suffer from starvation or malnutrition.

You’re probably asking if dog farms are illegal?

It’s important to know that, in numerous cases, puppy mills are not illegal. In various states, a breeding kennel can legally retain dozens, even hundreds, of dogs in enclosures for their whole lives, as long as the dogs are given the basics of water, food, and shelter.

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