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Elk Herd Gathers Outside House In Oregon Town

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In Gearheart, a semi-rural area on the Oregon coast where sightings of elks are not unheard of, a large herd gathered. They were standing shoulder to shoulder around a house on a suburban street, which is exceptionally unusual.

A neighbor who filmed this unusual sighting told ViralHog. A local elk herd gathered around that house after the father of the house was taking photos of ten elk by his home.

The man who was taking the pictures of a smaller group started to walk towards his home when he saw a line of elks 10 yards in front of him. The elk was standing shoulder to shoulder across the street 15 wide and 10 deep.

Feeling intimidated the man and his family immediately backed up around the corner and hid behind a parked car.

In the video below, you will see the elk when they started to walk towards them and gathered in the front of the house.

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Elk is one of the largest species within the deer family, and are very adaptable as they can live anywhere. Elk is essential to the life cycle by clearing the forest of understory vegetation to make way for other plants and animal species. Oregon is known to have the fifth-largest elk population.

In some cultures, they honor the elk as a spiritual force. In parts of Asia, antlers and their velvet are used in traditional medicines.

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