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Electrician Arrives to Repair Elderly Lady’s Lights, Then Enlists The Community to Fix Her Crumbling House for Free

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Gloria Scott is an American older woman who lives on a minimal income. It means that she has to make difficult choices as to how to spend her money. If a person earns a limited amount of money, there is a minimum chance of spending it on home repairs and maintenance.

When there was an issue with Gloria’s overhead light fixture, she contacted an Electrician named John Kinney to get it fixed. Gloria knew that this would affect her budget, but it was a necessary repair. She just couldn’t live in the dark.

Kinney was shocked to see the state of Gloria’s house. Apparently, there were no lights or running water. Kinney couldn’t get this incident out of his head. He felt sympathetic towards this 72-year-old woman. At this point, Kinney decided to help her.

Not in Gloria’s wildest dreams did she think that Kinney would turn out to be a superhero who had come to her rescue. He went to her place and worked on some necessary repairs, and he did it all for free.

Kinney even made a Facebook page “Gloria’s Gladiators.” The page is about a group of professional tradesmen and volunteers that can be called upon to help out any elderly person in need.

Kinney was able to rally more than half of the Woburn, Massachusetts community. Up to now, Gloria’s house has received new plumbing and electrical systems, new windows, and repairs to her crumbling ceilings, walls, porch, and front steps.

Some of Gloria’s neighbors even helped her with landscape cleanups and came up with new planting projects. Gloria is over the moon and moved by this act of kindness. 

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Everyone in her community came to her rescue during her time of need. 

Kinney’s project is a success. He has now started an initiative called ‘Gloria’s Gladiators’ to inspire others to lend a helping hand to seniors in their communities. 

Even the most trivial acts of kindness can go a long way. I believe that Kinney has proved that to us.  

This story certainly restores my faith in humans. Below we have another story of a kind human being.

A man came up with the idea to donate his $4 million apartment complex to recovering single mothers who suffered from drug addictions so that they could get back on their feet. It is a place where they can get their act together to gain back custody of their children. This Kind man did this free of charge. 

Even dogs have come to the rescue of humans. Here we have a stray dog who interrupted a street performance in Istanbul, Turkey. The stray dog thought the actor Numan Uzunsoy was hurt. Yet the actor was lying down on the floor, pretending to be hurt, for a movie shoot. This sweet stray dog decided to check on him and snuggled up to him. 

An act of kindness is enough to brighten up someone’s world. 

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All images are used with permission. For more info: Gloria’s Gladiators

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