The Eclipse Gateway: The Period between Eclipses.

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Eclipses always follow cycles, and they usually come in pairs. These pairs include a Lunar Eclipse which falls on the Full Moon, as well as a Solar Eclipse which happens on the New Moon.

The period between these two pairs of Eclipses is considered the Eclipse Gateway and it is also a period which often lasts for about two weeks.

The Eclipse Gateway is also the most powerful, as well as the magical time of the year, as the energy of both Eclipses merges, forming a bridge between one state of consciousness and the next.

Eclipses are always huge points of, growth, as well as awakening and change, so this moment in between the two Eclipse pairs is a time of transformation and renewal too.

There are two different types of Eclipse Gateways, and they are: the first is the Gateway between the Lunar and the Solar Eclipse and the second is the Gateway between the Solar and the Lunar Eclipse.

The energy can be slightly different, depending on the order of the Eclipses. The intensity of the Eclipse Gateway will also depend on the intensity of the Eclipses on each of the sides of it.

The Eclipse Gateway can also carry a slightly different flavor, depending on the astrological signs of the Eclipses too.

The Gateways between a Lunar and Solar Eclipse.

When you are walking the Eclipse Gateway between a Lunar to a Solar Eclipse, there is often a theme of release and letting go to make some space for the new.

Lunar Eclipses can pull and drag things out of you, almost like the gravitational pull of the Moon which helps to pull things out that have been buried deep within.

This “pulling” or “drawing out” energy is helpful in releasing things which are no longer serving you and can bring old thoughts, as well as patterns and beliefs to the surface to be cleared.

As you walk the Eclipse Gateway after a Lunar Eclipse, it is more likely you may feel drained and lethargic. Also, you may feel the need to go within, as well as reflect and spend some time on your own.

Hidden truths, as well as feelings, may also come to the surface and you may have to deal with old wounds which you had pushed away or forgotten about.

The Lunar Eclipses always challenge us to dig a little deeper, as well as push a little further so that we can build more awareness around our thoughts and habits, and this is something which intensifies as we move through the Gateway.

Lunar Eclipses can bring endings, and these endings usually happen through the Gateway period itself.

As you go closer to the Solar Eclipse, there will be a sense of lightness which will usually follow, and you may even start to feel space being created in your life.

Ending with a Solar Eclipse indicates that the ahead of the month is all going to be focused on creating the new, as well as filling this new space in your life with something which will be more positive and aligned.

It also indicates that the months ahead will be filled with action and energy, and you will be supported to move forward too.

The Gateway between the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse.

When walking the Eclipse Gateway that is between the Solar and the Lunar Eclipse, the energy will be slightly different.

While a Lunar Eclipse pulls things out, the Solar Eclipses will draw things into your life, as well as help you to produce and direct your life in a new way.

Staring with a Solar Eclipse is also a sign which shows you that you have to put your dreams into action and follow what you want in life.

It is also a sign that shows you that you have to get more action which based energy into your life, as well as to align so your words match your actions.

As you walk this Eclipse Gateway, there is usually a feeling of support about starting something new, as well as a sense of being guided as you take the following step.

This is also a very high energy time, and it is likely that you will feel a burst of energy, as well as inspiration following the Solar Eclipse.

However, as you get closer to the Lunar Eclipse, the energy will start shifting, and you commence to become conscious of what is blocking you from having the ability to move forward.

You may also have your dreams and all your plans that are laid out, but the Lunar Eclipse will warn you if there are some things which need to be cleared before you can move forward.

Ending on a Lunar Eclipse also indicates that the theme will be coming to terms with what has to go and what has to stay to make your dreams a reality.

To navigate through this, the months that follow may require you to go within and reflect, so that you can draw out, as well as release all that is blocking you from leading the life that you wish to.Dates about Eclipse Gateways

For 2018:

Eclipse Gateway between the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse

January 31st – February 16th.

Eclipse Gateway between the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse

July 12th – July 27th.

Eclipse Gateway between the Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse

July 27th – August 11th.

For 2019:

Eclipse Gateway between the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse

January 5th – January 21st.

Eclipse Gateway between the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse

July 2nd – July 17th.

For 2020:

Eclipse Gateway between the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse

December 26th – January 11th.



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