Drink Hallucinogenic ‘Tea’ Inside A Teepee At America’s First Ayahuasca Church

Drink Hallucinogenic ‘Tea’ Inside A Teepee At America’s First Ayahuasca Church

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An American psychedelic ‘church’ is to offer a powerful hallucinogenic tea which can offer visions of other worlds – or of meeting God.

‘We have successfully established the first public, legal ayahuasca church in the USA,’ said Trinity de Guzman, co-founder of Ayahuasca Healings, which will launch on 1 January next year.

Ayahuasca — a psychedelic brewed tea-like drink used for spiritual healing — will soon be available at newly created public “churches” in the U.S. Similar to a retreat, you can set up shop inside a teepee near Elbe, Wash., to drink the tea which contains DMT and other psychedelic plants, all for $1,500.

For those unfamiliar with ayahuasca tea, it’s a brewed Amazonian plant mixture which contains one of nature’s most potent hallucinogens. It can induce intense, life-changing visions, but also violent episodes of vomiting.


Indigenous cultures have been using ayahuasca for centuries as a way of cleansing the psyche of underlying spiritual problems. Increasingly, in the disorder-fixated West, ayahuasca is being used increasingly to deal with psychological issues like depression, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Ayahuasca is an entheogenic brew, meaning it’s been used for religious or spiritual reasons for centuries, particularly among shamans. Shamans were religious leaders believed to be able to transcend into the spirits’ world and communicate with both good and bad spirits; ayahuasca often helped in that process. Now, it’s cropping up in the Western world as a way for people to mend broken minds, spirits, and bodies.

“We’re the first public, legal ayahuasca church in America. We’re not the first legal ayahuasca church, but I say “public” because we are really using the internet to share this message, unlike other ayahuasca churches in America which have been more closed-off to the public.”

The Ayahuasca Healings website was shut down, “in order to ensure our Ayahuasca USA Retreats are 100% legal,” as their website states, but is now live and active again. According to a contact of theirs, they took down their website while in the process of receiving an official blessing from James ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney and the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) to become a bona fide independent branch of the Church. This official Church status allows them to make sure any participants of their Ayahuasca retreats, and all members of their Church, are 100% safe and legally protected to participate in their religious ceremonies.


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