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Dome Homes Built From Inflatable Concrete Cost Around $3,500

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This newly introduced “Dome House” has many advantages attached to it. The dome house can be transported easily, creates less wastage, and can be customized according to personal taste. The starting price of this house is $3500.

It is an eco-friendly construction method because it uses air and strong envelopes that are very flexible in shape and size. Dr.Dante Bini is the founder of this model. In 1964, he used air pressure to lift and shape reinforced shell constructions. 

Dante’s son Nicolo added new features to the dome house. According to him, these houses can even withstand harsh weather conditions like earthquakes and lava for about 50 years. 

Nicolo has adjusted these homes to suit the needs of refugees and homeless people. But these structures can be used for educational purposes, commercial, residential, resort, and emergency shelter purposes. 

These domes are referred to as ‘binishells’ and have been constructed in over 23 countries. Their sizes vary from small bungalows to 120 feet in diameter structures.

The process begins from the ground level, using inflatable concrete. First, the walls are constructed, then they use more concrete to achieve the dome shape. A deflatable air bladder is used for this purpose. 

After that, the structure is reinforced by a steel rebar placed around its shape, using inflated pneumoform. Finally, the concrete is poured over the building and is left to harden. 

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These houses come in various round shapes. It only takes less than 1 PSI of pressure and less than one hour to elevate a 12 feet dome. Even the materials used to construct the dome are easily accessible. It can be set up in a jiffy. 

What do you think about this wonderful creation?

These days, many of us are thinking about down scaling for practical and financial reasons.

Many of you have seen houses built from wood, concrete, and bricks, but have you seen one made of cardboard?

Wikklehouse is using cardboard as its prime building material, which is sustainable with an attractive design and constructive strength. This home is meant to last around 50 years and is 100% recyclable.

For more info and image credits Binishells 

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