Dog Walks Over 180 Miles To Find Woman Who Rescued Her

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During a severe Russian winter, a stray dog living in Rostov-on-Don in southwest Rostov Oblast region was left for dead by a hit and run driver.

Shavi, a Russian female stray almost froze to death. Lucky for Shavi two humanitarian found her with several injuries and both her legs broken, took her to a veterinarian.

Nina Baranovskaya who was 26 at the time, was the only person that responded to a request to help with Shavi according to Russian media.

After Shavi’s operation on her hind legs, Baranovskaya took Shavi home in Rostov-on-Don and nursed her back to health.

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, Baranovskaya taught Shavi how to walk again and some basic commands.

Unfortunately, Baranovskaya could not keep her as she lived in a small apartment with three cats and two other rescue dogs.

Nina searched high and low to find Shavi a loving home. The only friends with could take Shavi in, lived about 180 miles away in the countryside, which would give her plenty of place to run around.

Two weeks after being placed in her new home, Shavi escaped and walked almost 200 miles to get back to her guardian angel Nina.

One day while Baranovskaya was walking down the road, she was astonished by something brushing up against her leg.

Nina burst into tears of joy when she realized it was Shavi. She couldn’t believe that she found her way back to her.

After the happy reunion, Shavi moved back in with Nina as her family had moved into a bigger apartment about 5 bus stations away.

Nina said that Shavi is like a child to her and would never give her away again.

Animals have unconditional love and are so loyal.

Apparently, the average winter temperature does not fall below-15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit). To me, that is freezing, and with broken legs that you can barely move, Shavi could have died.

Don’t we all just love a happy ending? 🥰

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