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Dog Follows Kids To School And Ends Up In The Principal’s Office

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We all adore dogs because of their loyal nature. They are known as man’s best friends for reasons like this. 

Dogs have unwavering loyalty, and we have heard so many stories about this loyalty of theirs. There are also instances where their loyalty can cause them trouble. The Labradoodle in this story ended up being sent to the principal’s office because of his faithfulness. 

Since Sandy the labradoodle was a puppy, he has been with Karen Manthey’s family. Sandy loves his family members very profoundly, and he is loyal to his family, especially to the children. 

His loyalty led him to follow the children to their school, which is situated nearby. Usually, the children succeed in stopping him from following them. But one fine day, Sandy managed to sneak past when his family was distracted. 

Unfortunately for him, one faculty member caught him. Just like a kid that did something wrong, this pup, too, was sent to the principal’s office. That is when Karen received a funny picture of Sandy sitting in the office. 

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Karen shared this picture on her Facebook account. 

Image credit: Karen Manthey

She had received the picture along with a text saying, “I know not every labradoodle is yours, but is this your dog?”. Karen didn’t see this text or picture at first because her phone was switched off. But since Karen wasn’t responding and the Manthey family lived close by, the principal let one of the Manthey kids take Sandy back home. 

It was then when Karen finally saw the messages. She rushed to the school to apologize for Sandy’s intrusion. She was also astounded to see the picture and the text. 

Fortunately for Karen, the principal and staff members found the incident rather funny, and they all had a good laugh about it. 

Image credit: Karen Manthey

Doesn’t this story bring a smile to your face? I know for sure that it made my day!

Animals are fantastic! We have loads of wonderful heartwarming stories to share on our website, The Open Mind. Should you have one that you would like us to publish, feel free to share it with us at The Open Mind at [email protected]

Here’s a story of a loving dog who is missing his mom and has a conversation with her on the phone. 

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It’s difficult for a human parent to be away from their pet, just as it is for their pet when their human parent goes away. There are circumstances where pets refused to eat and died just because their precious owners went on a vacation or a business trip. 

Thanks to the development of technology, it has made it easier to communicate. To watch the video click here.

Images posted with permission from Karen Manthey

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