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Discovered Alive At Sea, A Woman Who Went Missing 2 Years Ago

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Do you believe in miracles? If you don’t, then this story will surely make you believe in them. Angelica Gaitan was found unconscious off the Colombian coast. She was suffering from hypothermia when two fishermen found her.

Although Angelica was weak during that time, she still managed to reach her arms up and wave. Rolando Visbal and his friend Gustavo are the two fishermen who spotted her. They believed that she was a trunk drifting on the water.

To their surprise, the trunk was moving. They got Angelica out of the water using a lifebuoy. This all happened 1.2 miles from the shores of Puerto Colombia. Angelica was too weak even to respond. Rolando was glad that they saved her before she could have drowned in the sea.

Rolando believes that God wanted him to find this woman and save her life. This unexpected meeting wouldn’t have happened if Rolando didn’t have engine problems and had headed out onto the water at the time he planned to. 

Apparently, Angelica was a victim of domestic abuse and fled from her abuser. But her daughter Alejandra disagrees with this story. She says that her mother suffered from heart trouble and was mentally unstable. Angelica’s family assumed that she was with her brother in Ecuador since 2018. 

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She had been in a toxic relationship for 20 years. It began since her first pregnancy and continued ever since. Although she did report it, the abuser always managed to come back after being in police custody for 24 hours. Finally, in September 2018, she managed to escape.

After escaping, she decided to commit suicide. The last thing she remembers was being on the shore when she decided to jump into the sea. She was too depressed to think straight at the time. Now her sister and daughter are raising funds to bring her back home to Bogota, where her family can care for her. 

Watch the video of how Angelica was saved.

How to treat a person rescued at sea.

There is always a possibility of the person going into shock. Therefore it is good to recline them immediately for the blood circulation to flow to their head and become as normal as soon as possible, regardless of how well they may look. Dress them in dry, warm clothes and try to get them to somewhere warm. An unconscious person should be lifted in a horizontal position when possible.

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