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Dentistry Student Touching Story of Being Raised By a Father With Down Syndrome

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Despite our differences, we are all human at the end of the day. Love is what unites us despite all our differences. This story of a dentistry student named Sader Issa, raised by a father with Down syndrome, is very heartwarming. 

Humans usually have 46 chromosomes in their body that carry genes. These chromosomes decide the way our body functions and grow. Babies with an extra copy of chromosome 21 are considered as those with Down syndrome.

It affects their brain development, which then causes physical and mental hardships. They also have short necks, almond-shaped eyes, small ears, small hands and feet, flattened faces, and are short. 

According to Issa, Down syndrome didn’t stop his dad Jad from giving the love and care a father has to offer. Jad worked in the local wheat factory for almost twenty years. Apparently, everyone adores him for his selflessness and kindness. 

Although Issa’s mother doesn’t have Down syndrome, his parents still have a fantastic relationship. Issa wanted to convey the fact that even those with Down syndrome can have a successful family life.

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The problem is that it is hard for those with Down syndrome to conceive, and there are many complications at birth. There is a 35-50% chance of the baby inheriting Down syndrome if one parent has it. 

Issa released an emotional video in March 2019 regarding his father, Jad.

After that, many people reached out to Issa to show their gratitude for giving them hope about their children’s future. He also mentions that it is all thanks to his father that he could achieve so much. He would not change a thing even if he could. 

Issa said that throughout life, he had been a great support for him when he needed it.

Jad is very proud of his son for his accomplishments. This family is an excellent example of embracing differences and accepting everyone as equals. 

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Another heartwarming story is of a Down syndrome couple, Maryanne and Tommy Pilling. They are a unique couple that has proved the doubters wrong, as they understand true love. They have never argued and are best friends.

These days, it is more challenging to achieve a happy ever after as more people get divorced instead of working on their marriages. Against all odds, the Down syndrome couple celebrated 25 years of marriage.

Another touching story is about a single dad who adopted a Down syndrome baby girl. A 41-year-old Italian man Luca Trapanese has been linked in social service programs since a teenager and did voluntary work with the disabled in a church in Naples.

He became a priest at some point in his life, but then fell in love, and everything changed. They formed an organization for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, things took a turn, and their relationship ended.

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Soon after his breakup, he heard about a special baby girl, at thirteen days old, had been passed on by twenty families because of her condition. From there, both their lives changed drastically for the best.

Featured image is screenshot from YouTube video.

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