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Denmark’s Supermarkets Brilliant Pricing Trick Stopped Hand Sanitizer Hoarders

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The paranoia about the hoarding of toilet paper went viral on social media and in the press. People were creating posts/memes about the hoarding of the toilet paper, which had the world hysterical with laughter and teased the hoarder and is still ongoing. I don’t think they will ever live it down.

Recordings of people on video clambering for the last packet of toilet paper on the shelf in supermarkets worldwide went viral. In many supermarkets, there was not a packet left on the shelf. Toilet paper is not the only item that is hard to purchase: sanitizer, masks, and medical gloves.

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On the flip side, these acts of hoarding have made life hard for the people that desperately need those resources, such as the medical staff, people with a health issue, and older adults.

People globally have gone crazy buying as much hand sanitizer as they could get their hands on, creating a shortage worldwide.

Just like other supermarkets nowadays, depending on your country, items like soap, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, milk, flour, pasta, and meat were and are flying off the shelf.

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While people are stockpiling up on those items, a supermarket in Denmark came up with a brilliant idea to put an end to the madness of these people stockpiling specific items.

Rotunden Hellerup Foodmark in Denmark is taking inventive measures to safeguard their customers well being. A post on a Twitter account posted a picture of a sign inside the store, which advises customers that one bottle of hand sanitizer costs 40 Danish Krone (about $4), and a second bottle would cost 1,000 Danish Krone (about $95). Inverting the trend of bulk buying discounts, they put a stop to the hoarding.

The supermarket also put in place other measures to allow people to shop safely during the coronavirus outbreak. They included the safe distance between staff and shoppers as well as everyone was to sanitize their hands while entering and putting on gloves while shopping.

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The trend has seen supermarkets and pharmacies ration products.

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