Denmark Purchased Country’s Last Remaining Circus Elephants For A Decent Retirement

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The four elephants, Ramboline, Lara, Djunga, and Jenny, are the last four circus elephants in the country. One of the elephants was part of an act with Cirkus Trapez, and the other three belonged to Circus Arena.

It costs Denmark 11 million Danish kroner (approx $1.6 million) to purchase the last four circus elephants. The government wishes to ensure that the elephants have a decent retirement.

It’s expected that Food and Fisheries Minister Mogens Jensen is moving forward to ban other wild animals in circuses.

Good news, the United States has also moved closer to banning the use of circus animals. Hawaii and New Jersey were the first states to issue a bill against the prominently cruel manner.

Although legislation is in place in about 145 US districts that restrict performances on animals, Hawaii and New Jersey ban the use of all wild animal species in circuses and traveling shows.

In Germany, a circus used holograms instead of real animals in their acts. The concept came to Bernhard Paul, the founder of Circus Roncalli, while watching Justin Timberlake singing alongside a hologram to the music legend Prince. It worked perfectly, and it looks fantastic!

Wild animals and other animals are used to entertain audiences in circuses. They perform these demanding tricks because they are afraid of the consequences. Most trainers abuse them with whips, muzzles, electric prods, and tight collars, to name a few.

Circuses get away with the cruelty as the governments don’t monitor training sessions, and handlers are cautious when in public.

Avoid all circuses that use animals!

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