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Dedicated Guatemala Teacher Pedals Classroom to Students When School Closed

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When the world went into a crisis, the schools in Guatemala closed down and many other schools globally. 

Gerardo Ixcoy, a teacher, was inspired to buy an adult tricycle. He doesn’t use it just for transportation. The tricycle became his mobile classroom.

Ixcoy even installed plastic sheets for safety from the transmission of the virus. The tricycle includes a whiteboard and a solar panel to power his audio player. 

The 27-year-old teacher travels every day through the cornfields of Santa Cruz del Quiche to educate sixth-grade students. Ixcoy even uses a mop to ensure that the social distance between him and his students is kept. 

This remarkable teacher amazed his students by producing a pizza box to teach the lesson fractions. His dedication is such that he visits every student twice a week.

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It didn’t take Ixcoy long to realize that there were various obstacles in teaching these children from a remote area and belonging to farming communities. Although he tried to teach them online, it was a failure because the parents couldn’t afford data packages and didn’t have the necessary facilities. 

The children enjoyed these sessions with their teacher since it allowed them to break away from the monotonous quarantine life. 

Ixcoy and his wife Yessika are blessed with a son who is just three years old. They have ownership of a plot of land, which they have now rented out. Ixcoy also has a vegetable garden next to his house.

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The rest of the villagers have difficulties in providing food for their families. Ixcoy recalls how a parent was willing to provide him with food, despite the fact that they didn’t even have sufficient food for themselves. He arrived home crying as he was so touched by there generous acts of kindness when most people were going through hard times. 

Many teachers in remote and underprivileged areas made sacrifices.

Iran is no exception. Some of the students that lived in remote areas did not have access to the internet, television, or mobile phones. Therefore, the teachers instructed them in person with safe distancing, even though their salaries are not high, and they paid their own fare to commute to places where their students lived.

It is impressive how generosity can shine through in times of darkness!

As life is a give and take, what you put in, is what you will get out of life. If you are kind and caring, it will come back to you.

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A school in Ireland replaces homework with acts of kindness. They hope to inspire others and hope to raise self-esteem and positivity among their students by doing something they love. Every December for the last three years, these children will do not spend their time with homework. Instead, they are conducting charitable acts of kindness for family, friends, and society. Most acts of kindness will make a difference in someone’s life.

Featured image is screenshot from the YouTube video.

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