Deaf Rescued Puppy Learns Sign Language After Adoption By Deaf Man

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Nick Abbott of Maine, who was born deaf, found his perfect mate, a dog he adopted through, North Florida Rescue Maine.

The dog named Emerson was about 12 weeks old and was also deaf. According to Abbott, Emerson had found him. Emerson came straight to Abbott at the door and sat at his feet and never moved. It was at that point that Abbott realized that they would understand each other and get along famously.

Emerson, a black lab mix, was rescued from a shelter in Florida. He had health issues of seizures, and canine parvovirus infection, which is a contagious virus affecting dogs. If left untreated could be fatal — all this and hearing difficulties before he was put up for adoption at NFR Maine.

Credits: North Florida Animal Rescue

His hearing didn’t bother him at all. Emerson was a typical puppy. It is unknown if Emerson was born deaf.

Abbot first learned about Emerson’s condition in a Facebook post Powers from NFR Maine shared on Facebook, hoping to find Emerson a loving home. Then one day, she received Abbott’s application. Abbott felt because Emerson was also deaf, they would make a good team.

Nick’s mum Richelle Abbott said they meant for each other. Emerson’s setbacks are what make his bond with Abbott so unique. Whenever they together, Emerson will find a way to lean on Nick.

Abbott has been teaching Emerson sign language to sit, lay down and come. When Abbott reaches up and shakes his ear lobe, Emerson will bark. Richelle Abbott adds that it is so cute!

Emerson had a harsh start to life and ended up with a fairy tale ending.

Despite all the available information on how to care for deaf dogs, many breeders will still euthanize deaf puppies. Deaf dogs that are dropped off at a shelter would generally meet the same fate.

Deaf dogs can be obedient and agile. They can do as much as a hearing dog can. Despite being deaf, deaf dogs can have a beautiful life, and the proof is seen in the video below with Abbott and Emerson.

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