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Dad Cycled About 200 Miles From Scotland To England For Charity On His 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Pink Bike

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This brave father rode his eight-year-old daughter’s tiny little pink bicycle for a stretch of about 200 miles. Wesley Hamnett cycled from Glasgow, Scotland to Manchester, England, took him more than six days to reach his destination. Would you believe that he did all this using a $26 bike with 12-inch wheels?

Losing his grandad to cancer inspired him to raise funds for hospitals and charities. He came up with this fantastic idea to pedal from one country to another to earn funds for his favorite charities and hospitals. 

His initial plan was to cycle from Russia to his hometown in Lancashire, a 1,250-mile route. But the current crisis worldwide affected this plan. So he had to go with plan B, ride a bicycle twice his size, from Glasgow to Manchester.

Credit: Wesley Hamnett

He used this small pink bike to create a comical effect. After eight busted tires and a six-hour-long stretch, he reached his house in Manchester on the 21st of September.

Credit: Wesley Hamnett

Wesley was very doubtful about making it all the way, but he successfully achieved his goal thanks to his courage. According to him, it was all worth it. Wesley even had to ride up tall peaks in Cumbria that were about 1,350 feet tall.

Credit: Enda Burke

Although the bike wasn’t suitable for these harsh conditions, Wesley made it through. He said it was scary yet fun, and he was amazed at how much support he got from everyone, especially from the bike.

Credit: Enda Burke

Wesley raised funds for Christie Charitable Fund, British Heart Foundation, Macmillan Cancer Support, and Wythenshawe Hospitals MFT Charity. He was able to raise over $10,730. Next spring, he hopes to trek from Russia to Manchester. 

Credit: Enda Burke

Here we have another fundraiser campaign; the Wisconsin Humane Society came up with a great fun idea for their fundraiser campaign.

They have at least about 40,000 animals who rely on them annually. Angela Speed, the Vice President of Communications, said a similar campaign inspired them. 

WHS staff and volunteers were standing by excitedly to bring animals into a timeless work of art after they posted their campaign on Facebook. The campaign read, should you donate $15 to WHS, they would draw your pet.

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Your animal might not get one of the talented artists, yet both donators and artists would have a good laugh.

All images used are with permission from Wesley Hamnett. 

Featured image credit: Enda Burke

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