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Croatia’s Solar Roof Project Could Create 8,000 Jobs & Boosts Recovery

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Croatia is advancing of the curve with a new project for the solarization. 

Specialists believe that green recovery schedules will be essential for getting life back after the pandemic.

The tiny European country, which has a population of about 4 million people, is working on a scheme that will provide solar power to homes and create green jobs. 

This project will help Croatia’s recovery from the pandemic and lessen their environmental footprint. With the implementation of SOL4ALL projects, the expected yearly carbon emission reductions reach 467,000 tCO2.

The program, funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Climate KIC Cities Accelerator Programme, whose full name is “1,000 Solar Roofs — Cities and Jobs Regeneration through Community-Led Solarization,” the SOL4ALL project will create about 8,000 green jobs through the community-led energy transition and has a budget of about 121,000 euros to bring 1,000 solar photovoltaic systems to urban homes across ten cities

Workers commenced installation in July, and the initial project is expected to take roughly six months. The good news is as SOL4ALL grows, it expects to provide between 3,000 and 8,000 new jobs per year to Croatians.

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The solar project will focus on unemployed people who lost their jobs.

Currently, the country’s energy dependency is high, and over 53% of consumption comes from imports.

Croatia has one of the lowest photovoltaic shares in its electricity mix among EU member states.

Besides creating jobs, boosting the economy, and promoting low-impact energy sources, SOL4ALL also sustains numerous local Croatian locales, as it is a community-led project. 

Thomas Osdoba, a senior advisor at EIT Climate-KIC, said, one of the things that they are trying to show is that in the Balkan region, particularly Slovenia and Croatia communities can move fast and embrace the innovation that many cities are still struggling to take on.

We hope that more countries follow Croatia’s lead in promoting a greener future. 

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