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Couple With Five Kids Plus Eight Grandchildren Adopt Seven More Due to Tragedy

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Those of you who have loving parents are fortunate, but some of you are not that fortunate. This story is about a lovely couple that adopted seven siblings because their parents died in a car crash. 

The kindhearted couple who decided to adopt the kids already have five children and eight grandchildren. This couple is Pam and Gary Willis. They live in Menifee, California. After reading the story on Facebook about the seven siblings losing their parents, this couple decided to take over these kids’ parents’ role.

The car crash happened in 2018, and since the kids had no family members to take care of them, they were about to get separated. But fortunately for them, Pam, an attorney, and Gary, a US Navy Veteran, came to their rescue. The children were ecstatic because they were able to find a loving family and a lovely home.

Four of the siblings are boys, and three of them are girls. According to their ages, Adelino is 15, Ruby is 13, Aleecia is 8, Anthony is 7, Aubriella is 6, Leo is 5, and Xander is 4. Pam and Gary are glad that they adopted these kids. Even before that, the couple had fostered other children as well.

Since their biological children had grown up and left home, they had enough space to provide for the seven siblings. The kids spent one year in a children’s home before Pam and Gary found them.

We’ve had 18 months of history to add to this tree with our magnificent 7.❤

Although the kids survived the highway car crash, they obtained significant injuries. They fully recovered before they found their new home. 

The couple felt very lonely after their own children left, so the seven siblings were a great addition to their house. In June 2019, they became parents again by adopting these kids. 

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At first, Pam and Gary did face some issues with the children settling in, sleep disturbances, and gaining their trust. The children all adapted well to their new environment and even called Pam and Gary ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. 

All seven siblings are also close to Pam and Gary’s biological children. Pam has made an Instagram page called ‘second.chance.7’. It’s filled with pictures of the seven siblings and their new family. 

Pam wants people to know that they aren’t extraordinary; they are pretty regular as they make mistakes, get grouchy, and even argue. 🙃 

To adopt children is not a quick and easy process.

Internation adoption is becoming more difficult and less common. Adopting through foster care comes with support. Adoptive parents have to go through a process where they are evaluated before they can adopt. 

Many children that have gone into foster care come from a neglectful, unhealthy, and abusive circumstance. 

Below are two different stories of kindhearted people that foster children.

1. A widowed father with cancer only fosters terminally ill children so that they don’t die alone. Mohamed Bzeek, 65, has a heart of gold and ensure the children get all the care and love they deserve for as long as they live.

2. A woman of 75 and had foster around 600 children in 50 years regardless of age or medical condition. What a wonderful caring human being, irrespective of the challenge she takes them on. Click here to read more about her.

All images are used with permission. Image credits and for more info second.chance.7.

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