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Cops Take Shelter Dogs On Rides Around Town To Increase Their Chances Of Adoption

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This police department in the state of Nebraska takes on helping rescue dogs to the streets.

Nebraska’s La Vista Police Department created K9 For a Day, an initiative that allows officers to take out rescue dogs from their shelter – Nebraska Humane Society. From which these dogs are then assigned as a K9 dog for the day. The officer and their newfound favorite sidekick join one another’s side as they journey around towns of Nebraska, increasing their dog’s chance of adoption.

This humane act of kindness had first been decided when Mickey, a mixed Bull Terrier breed, was a success. Mickey had charmed his way into the hearts of each person he had crossed paths with on the patrol. Days later, after his first day as a K9 dog, Mickey was adopted.

According La Vista Captain, Officer Bryan Waugh, K9 for a day is an amazing outreach program for both dog and the Police department.
Not only does K9 for a day raise awareness and help dogs find a loving home, this is an opportunity for the cops to bond with their community.

From shelter dog, to patrol, to finding a warm home.

Their first success was when Officer Jeanette’s took out Mickey as his K9 for a day.

Mickey and Officer Jeanette during patrol.

Mickey charming the kids.

Mickey is such a natural charmer. Striking interest in every path they crossed.

Officer Jeanette let everyone know that Mickey was up for adoption.
A few days later, Mickey was adopted.
K9 for a Day’s first success.

Watch Mickey’s day as a K9 in the video below.

For more information on how to adopt via Nebraska Humane Society, visit


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