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Convenience Store Supplies Free Covid-19 Survival Packs To Edinburgh Elderly

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Local store in Northwest Edinburgh, Scotland, restores faith in humanity after everyone else clears out shelves in most countries of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

The Day-Today convenience store, at local shopping center Drylaw, gave out thousands of pounds worth of free essentials to the local elderly residents over the age of 65 and those that have mobility issues that could face long periods of isolation, during the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Zahid Iqbal 34, who runs the store, insists every penny was worth it for his faithful shoppers during these times of uncertainty to have free access to essentials. He just wants to set an excellent example in this world. Money can be made in the future, but for now, they want to do their part for the community. He feels everyone should do their bit!

The elderly that are unable to pick up their survival pack from the store would have it delivered free, just by calling the shop.

The packs that were giving out consisted of a bottle of hand sanitizer, a pack of pocket tissues, a bag of toilet paper as well as paracetamol.

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This wonderful gesture inspired Mr. Iqbal while he was accompanying his parents to a local supermarket and encountered an alarming number of empty shelves.

The frenzy purchasing of goods around the world has seen supermarket shelves empty at an abnormal rate, as the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise across the globe.

The Day-Today convenience store generosity inspired a similar initiative at another Day-Today store in Falkirk, which also started handing out free survival essential to those in need.

Mr. Iqbal said the store was refusing to take donations currently, but that could change depending on how things turn out.

So many people have praised this store and their staff for their kindness.

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Humanity in Portugal;

A couple with not much to offer is willing to let doctors or nurses have the use of their RV free.

Another kind-hearted resident of Portugal was offering their apartment for health professionals who didn’t want to go home as they were concerned about contaminating their families. Fully furnished and rent-free.

There was an apartment in another area in Portugal, given to a couple of doctors in the same situation. Fully furnished and rent-free.

It certainly has restored my faith in humanity!!

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Do you know of other acts of kindness that you would like to share?

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