A Company In Mexico Turns Avocado Seeds Into Biodegradable Cutlery

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It appears that people are beginning to understand the impact of their actions on mother earth. 

We have all used plastic utensils at some time or another. Plastic is one of the everyday harmful objects that has a terrible impact on the universe and wildlife.

Plastic bags, straws, and single-use plastic cutlery are among the biggest causes of pollution in our soil and oceans.

While there are many ways to reduce plastic waste from our daily lives, there is a need for massive changes that would involve changing the linear economy to a circular economy and thanks to some companies who are taking action.

Scott Munguia founded the brand back in 2013. Scott Munguia came up with a brilliant idea for Biofase when he was a chemical engineering student in 2012. 

When you think of Mexico, you think of guacamole and tequila, so it would make perfect sense when Mexico-based company Biofase came up with a great idea of transforming discarded avocado seeds into biodegradable cutlery. 

For more info and feature image credit: Biofase

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