Clear Negative Energy and Restore Empath Health with Organic Salt

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It is said that the ‘father of medicine,’ Hippocrates, was among the first to discover the magical healing qualities of sea salt, after noticing how quickly seawater healed wounded fishermen’s hands.

But salt has been given much bad press over the years and probably for good reason. The refined table salt that most of the Western world has consumed, and which is in all processed foods, is nothing short of toxic to the body. It causes many health problems.

The salt you want to include more of in you diet is organic sea or rock salt.

Not only is organic sea salt a great medicinal healer it is also deeply purifying energetically. It has the power to draw out and dissolve negative energies from the emotional and physical body. This is especially helpful if your day involves interacting with others where too often, as an Empath, you absorb stressed or anxious energy.

Unrefined salt, from the sea or rock, is an amazing grounding and energy clearing tool that can be safely and effectively used daily, inside and outside the body.

And not just for clearing negative energy:


Sea SaltSodium (salt) is essential for health. It regulates the body’s water balance and is essential for proper electrolyte balance. But not just any salt, it has to be the stuff nature created in its natural form…

Organic, unrefined salt is crystalline in structure and is easily absorbed into the bloodstream because our blood also has a crystalline structure.

Unrefined salt is packed with essential minerals vital for good health. These essential minerals are easily assimilated and work in harmony with the body.

My personal favourite is pink Himalayan  rock salt, the purest rock salt in the world.

Pink Himalayan rock salt comes from ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayan mountains and has the full spectrum of 84 trace minerals and elements (regular table salt has only 4). You can safely add this to your food, or allow a small particle of it to dissolve on the tongue, before slowly drinking a pint of clean fresh water.

Clearing Negative Energy

The best way to clear the body of negative energy is to have a daily salt cleanse. The ocean is the absolute best way for this. But, if you don’t live near the ocean, a salt bath works incredibly well.

Immersing the body for at least 20 minutes in salt water will get rid of any negative debris caught in your energy field.

For best results add 2 cups of sea salt to a warm bath (along with your favourite essential oil or a crystal for an extra balancing boost).

If you don’t have time for a soak then another great option is a salt-scrub before showering. (You can easily make this from equal parts fine milled sea salt and vegetable oil).  Not only will the salt clear unwanted energies, it will also leave your skin silky smooth and glowing.

Clear a Room of Negative Energy

Simply sprinkle fine salt crystals over the carpet and leave overnight. In the morning vacuum up the salt crystals and with it you will lift any residual negative energy.

You can also leave bowls of heavily salted water in the four corners of the room to soak up any dark energies that may be lingering.

Stay happy and healthy

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This articles is published with kind permission from ©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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