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Cat Goes On An Adventure and Comes Back With A Receipt Around His Neck

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An adorable cat in Thailand decided to embark on an exciting journey. He left his house to go on this adventure. This little cat stayed away from his home for three whole days. Then he returned home as if he had never left. The cat even looked rather happy and pleased with himself. 

The family realized why the cat was looking so smug when they saw a note around his neck.

When the cat returned to his home, there was a little note hung around his neck. After reading it, the family understood that their cat had been living the good life. He had been enjoying some high-end fish delicacies. It was a vendor from the local fish market who had written the note. What the note said was “your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three.”

The fish vendor had written down her contact information in the note so that the family could contact her and pay her back for the fish this adventurist cat had enjoyed on his outting. The cat was in great debt, and he was comfortable with letting his family cover his expenses. 

He didn’t feel one ounce of guilt. Fortunately for this cat, his family found this incident rather funny. The family even posted a picture of the cat along with his note. The caption said, “Gone three days, back with debts,” and included a laughing emoji. Isn’t that just hilarious? Now that this naughty little cat knows that his family will take care of his bills for him, he will surely bring back many bills like this in the future as well. This story became famous on social media, and people got a good laugh out of it. 

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Cats are amazing. 

Another funny story of cats is where a shop owner decided to use glass ceiling panels for his attic modification instead of regular suspended ceiling tiles in his shop. Now the cats don’t stop staring at him most of the day. It is too cute to see.

Cat and dogs can see frequencies that humans can’t. Have you even see your cat staring at a place for a long time, although there is nothing there? Well, it is pretty common for them to do that.

Humans are good at seeing detail due to the fact that they have a high density of color-sensitive cells, or cones, in their retinas, which produce high-quality images with just a tiny amount of light. By contrast, nocturnal animals have eyes that allow as much light as possible in, including ultraviolet light, though it may not serve any particular purpose.

Cats tend to head-butt their humans, which is also called bunting or facial marking. Do you know why cats head butts you?

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Well, cats have glands on their cheeks, lips, forehead, nose, and their ears. They head-butt as rub their glands humans and other animals to leave their pheromones behind. But that is not all; to read more about it click here.

All images are screenshots from the YouTube video.

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