Cat Cuddled Baby Sister Before She Was Born And Hasn’t Left Her Since

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Pitocha, an eight-year-old rescue cat, found his forever home when he was just a kitten. From the time his human mommy got pregnant, he began cuddling his human mommy’s tummy.

When Pitocha was introduced to his human sister, he snuggled her and has been by her side ever since. Animalilo said he was all over her and wouldn’t leave her belly.

Courtesy of @animalilo

It was not the first time Pitocha showed so much love and affection. He did the same thing when she expected her first daughter. He enjoyed sleeping near the baby after she was born.

Courtesy of @animalilo

Pitocha was a loving patient babysitter to her firstborn and wanted to give the same love to her newborn baby.

Courtesy of @animalilo

Mom was amazed by Pitocha’s behavior with both baby sisters, and he is very loving and sweet.

From day one of coming home from the clinic, he barely left her side. You could call Pitocha her bodyguard. He was even watching when the baby was fed her first bottle and making sure that his human mom was doing a great job.

Courtesy of @animalilo

Pitocha is always there watching even when she is sleeping. The two are inseparable. They have such a beautiful bond!

Initiation aux papouilles de chats 🙂

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Cuddles after the midnight meal 🙂

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Are you a cat lover? Below is the meaning of some of their most quirky behaviors;

Purring – Generally, it means your cat is content. However, there are times that it should be a signal to other cats that they want to play; maybe they stressed, scared, or sick.

Kneading – Is an action that is associated with the comfort of nursing on their mothers, so later on in life, it would mean that they are content as well. I have heard that sometimes they do that when their human parent needs comforting.

Curling up in tiny places – it makes your cat feel safe, protecting their vital organs in their abdomen.

Laying belly up – means she trusts you, yet sometimes they may want a belly rub.

Rubbing against you – They have scent glands and loves marking his territory. They want to mark you as their own. 

Short Meow – A short, happy-sounding meow is likely to be saying hello to you! 

Long whiny meow – the chances are that they are hungry.

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