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Canada’s Longest Hiking Trail Stretches From Coast To Coast

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Canada’s Great Trail connects up 14,000-mile hiking, biking and paddling route which stretches from coast to coast.

The Great Trail took 25 years, and millions of dollars, to complete. The founders Pierre Camu, Bill Pratt, and Paul LaBarge came up with the idea of linking Canada’s various trail networks into one mega-trail.

The trail officially opened in August 2017. Not everyone was impressed by the Great Trail, formerly known as the Trans-Canada Trail.

Jumbo Pass hiking trail, British Columbia, Canada. Purcell Mountains landscape with a glacier in the background.
ID 119906846 © Damien Richard |

The route connects with 13 provinces and territories, yet falls short of its original goal of being an off-road trail. The route consists of around 4,900 miles, composed of off-road trails. There are approximately 5,340 miles of the trail which runs along roads or on the shoulders of highways, while 3,770 miles are water trails and 1,110 miles shared with ATVs. Roughly 24,000 kilometers.

ID 102354729 © Zeljkokcanmore |

It is the most extended recreational, multi-use trail network in the world with greenways, waterways, and roadways that stretches from Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic oceans.

ID 100428153 © Zeljkokcanmore |

Are you contemplating to embark on a cross country journey along The Great Trail? The journey could take approximately two years, two months, and one week, based on traveling 30 km per day.

The Great Trail promoted as a super-linked-up cycling trail, yet different modes of transport are encouraged along the various stretches. Sections of the trail are open to hikers, horse riders and even cross country skiers and snowmobiles.

ID 131616502 © Zeljkokcanmore |

26% of The Great Trail trails across water which could be navigated by canoe or kayak.

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