British Parrot Missing For Four Years Returns Home Speaking Fluent Spanish

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Nigel, A British African Grey Parrot with a crisp British accent, flew away in 2010 from his home in California, returning four years later to his British owner Darren Chick speaking Spanish.

According to Torrance newspaper the Daily Breeze, Julia Sperling, owner of a dog grooming parlor said, she came across the parrot chatting away, barking like a dog and whistling outside her door.

Sperling thought it was evident that this happy bird must have an owner and set out to find them. Her search online led her to another owner Teresa Micco who had been searching for a similar-looking parrot.

Inspecting the microchip, embedded in Nigel’s leg, Micco realized it was not her pet. Micco was disappointed but determined to find his owner.

Eventually, the parrot was traced back to Chick via the microchip and two disconnected phone numbers.

Chick cried with tears of joy on Nigel’s return, yet he gave the bird back to the Torrance family who had him for the four years he went missing.

Liza Smith said her grandparents bought the parrot at a garage sale and had called him Morgan.

Smith said it learned Spanish from her Guatemalan-born grandfather and that they had a special bond, especially since the loss of his wife two years prior.

“Loro macho, Loro macho” Rubén Hernández, 86, cooed to Morgan/Nigel when he saw him again at the home of the Redondo Beach veterinarian who found Nigel.

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