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Brazilian Doctor Marries Himself in a Magical Wedding Ceremony

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Although we have heard so much about self-love, we all struggle to love ourselves. But this man from Brazil has proven that loving yourself is important. He is a 33-year-old doctor named Diogo Rabelo.

This story of the doctor marrying himself in a gorgeous wedding ceremony went viral.

His wedding took place in a resort in Itacaré, Bahia. In November 2019, Vitor Bueno got engaged to Diogo. The couple’s initial plan was to get married in September 2020. 

After many arguments during the summer, Vitor broke off the engagement and left Diogo in July. Diogo didn’t let this drag him down. Instead, he turned things around. Diogo realized that he didn’t need someone else to complete him.

The problem with wanting someone to complete you leads you to believe you’re incomplete to start with. We are all complete humans, flaws, and all. There’s no such thing as half a human. When you love yourself, you will relate to it better.

In October, he married himself. Forty guests turned out for Diogo’s wedding, even though the original number was 50. 

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When declaring his vows, Diogo said ‘I do’ to a mirror that reflected him. He even went along with all the traditions like at a typical wedding.

Even though it was hard for him to continue with the wedding, he did it because he realized that he didn’t need someone else to make him happy. He could do that on his own. Diogo followed the Bride’s traditions as well, tossing the flower bouquets at his guests. 

Apparently, Diogo said, “Today is one of the happiest days of my life, as I’m with the people I love the most in this life, celebrating what could be a tragedy, but I made it a comedy.”

Marrying yourself allows you to be free and enjoy life the way you want it. Diogo’s grandmother tied a sapphire bracelet on his wrist, replacing his engagement band. Something good we see in him is that he didn’t speak ill of his partner even though Vitor left him. 

Diogo considers his ex-partner as a “great teacher” who taught him to value himself. 

Don’t you feel happy for him too? Even though this goes against social standards, he did what makes him happy. That is what matters at the end of the day. We all wish him nothing but luck and happiness. 

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All images are used with permission from Dr. Diogo Rabelo. For more info Dr. Diogo Rabelo

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