Brazilian Dentist Travels Around To Treat Poor People’s Teeth For Free

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A 38-year-old good samaritan believes in being committed to doing good things for the community.

A Brazilian dentist, Felipe Rossi’s task is to ensure everyone has a perfect smile. Felipe Rossi and his team are working for free to fix the vulnerable people’s teeth in Brazil, who can’t afford treatment. 

Not only does this beautiful kind-hearted Brazilian dentist work for free in more than 10 Brazilian states. He also travels mostly to third world countries such as Mozambique and Kenya, where he doesn’t charge for his services to give people a fantastic smile.

It all started with just two of Felipe’s friends. The operation has grown since then, and he now gets a little help from toothbrush brand Colgate which provides things to facilitate the project.

They now travel monthly to most disadvantaged people. In Brazil alone, more than 20 million people have never gone to a dentist.

In 2016, he went to Mozambique with an NGO called Mission Africa, which inspired him to start his own, and that is how Por1sorriso NGO was born.

Currently, Por1Sorriso has over 20 staff and about 4,000 volunteers to make this progress happen. 

Felipe stated: It is everyone’s job, and he values the team. He founded and chaired, but it is everyone’s job.

One of many of his patients, Terri Rimmer, spoke about her life which was like a black hole before getting her teeth fixed. She also mentioned that without teeth, it was a significant obstruction when she ate. Terri had to give up a lot of food that she loved. She was humiliated in group photos as people kept asking her to smile, which she couldn’t do.

Rossi had to remove all Terri’s teeth and use bones from a cadaver in a complicated surgery. The surgery was very complex, and it took months for her to recover appropriately. She also had a lot of pain, implants, and screws. 

Terri’s life since then has really turned around and can now have a socially normal confident life. Terri says that people greet her warmly and want to interact with her more since.

Credit: Felipe Rossi
Credit: Felipe Rossi
Credit: Felipe Rossi
Credit: Felipe Rossi

Terri revealed the reason why her dental condition got terrible. She went through depression after her boyfriend died of cancer in 2005, and she stopped brushing her teeth, as well as the five different medications she was on from depression and anxiety.

People should take better care of their oral hygiene as it makes a significant difference in their lives. Firstly and most importantly, their health and secondly for their confidence.

The most common cosmetic dentistry procedures are:
Dental Implants
Inlays and Onlays
Composite Bonding

Rossi helped put a beautiful smile on people’s faces and restored hope and confidence so that they can aim higher in life.

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