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Boy Scouts Saved Stray Cats In Winter Weather By Building Shelters From Storage Totes

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Boy Scouts are known to be very helpful. They are dedicated to helping not only humans but also animals. 

The Boy Scouts belonging to the 3310 troops in Atlanta proved this. Tyrell Cooper and several other trooper members made all of these insulated cat shelters. They donated the shelters for their Eagle Scout Community Project to LifeLine Animal Project’s Pets For Life program to protect community feral cats. 

Showing their love for animals by building portable winter shelters for stray cats. 

The troop completed their Eagle projects and received their badges. They all started at the Cub Scouts together and are now seniors in high school. 

Tyrell, who made the cat enclosures, is an honors student at Westlake HighSchool, and he has just been awarded a Posse Foundation scholarship. Therefore, he will be attending the College of Wooster in Ohio, with all tuition and expenses paid for four years, and plans to major in Ecology. 

Pets for Life distributed these shelters to neighbors who take care of outdoor cat colonies. These colonies have been trapped-neutered-released and are fed and looked after by these neighbors.  

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LifeLine Animal Project focuses on rescuing stray cats, and they also supervise some cat colonies. 

Although people have the wrong idea that cats are self-sufficient to not fare badly as strays, an average stray cat only lives up to 2-5 years. In comparison, an average house cat lives up to 10-15 years. 

These poor stray cats face starvation, illnesses and constantly face accidents because they are exposed to busy roads. They face various hardships, especially during the wintertime. 

If these stray cats don’t have a proper shelter for when the temperatures decrease, then there is a high probability of developing hypothermia or suffering from frostbite. The innocent creatures freeze to death because they can’t find shelter. Fortunately for them, the 3310 troop is determined to change that. 

LifeLine Animal Project does its best to keep these animals fed and safe. To ensure that the stray cat population doesn’t increase, they trap, neuter, and release cats that are too feral to live indoors. Most of these stray cats live in cat colonies. 

All thanks to the Boy Scouts of Troop 3310, the stray cats will be safe and sound in their new shelters. They won’t be exposed to harsh winter weather conditions. 

Isn’t this such a great initiative? The stray cats in Atlanta are protected from the cold and can spend the winter inside their own shelters that are comfy and cozy. This act shows us all that kind people still exist in this world. It also depicts the importance of caring for animals. 

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Photo credit Korey Washington – LifeAnimal Project

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