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Boy 4 from North Kingstown picks up garbage to ‘help animals’

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Only 4 and he already knows that waste is harmful to the environment as well as animals. Animals suffer a great deal because of plastic pollution. Plastic and polystyrene foam can take years to degrade. Apparently, polystyrene can take about 500 years to degrade.

Plastics pollute rivers, oceans, and forests, leaving a significant threat to wildlife. This pollution lasts for hundreds of years. Birds, fishes, and turtles mistake plastic for food and ingest plastic waste, which ends up blocking their digestive tracts, leaving them to starve. The strong chemicals in plastic can affect an animal’s health, indirectly affecting humans because these chemicals move up the food chain.

A four-year-old from North Kingstown has decided to take action against plastic pollution because of his love for animals. He hopes that his efforts will improve the lives of his animal friends. 

This kid named Niklaus Reilly has spent his childhood surrounded by furry friends. It is because his mother works at an animal shelter. So Reilly always goes to work along with his mother. He loves visiting all these animals. He has many pets, and he loves them all, his mother, Amanda Nelson, said. 

Reilly is going to turn 5-years-old in a few more weeks. So he now understands responsibility, and he can differentiate between right and wrong. His mother taught him not to litter, and Reilly took it to the extreme. 

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He realizes that it is wrong to litter. Reilly’s mother has been taking him out for walks since things are getting better outside. This was when he noticed that there was a lot of litter on the ground. He then made it his duty to pick up all that trash. 

Seeing all this litter on the ground makes little Reilly sad. He is just trying to help animals such as turtles, sea lions, penguins, and seagulls. Since he wanted to pick up all this garbage, his mother bought him a reacher. 

So now Reilly and his mother go out on trash picking walks. Even this week, they went for three walks and managed to collect a few full bags of garbage. Reilly, despite his age, recognizes the damage that trash can do to animals. 

These acts also allow Reilly and his mother to bond with each other. 

Being an energetic kid, he sees picking up trash as a fun activity. The only time he stops collecting garbage is when he’s asleep. This activity also gets Reilly the exercise he needs. It has helped him to cope with the current world situation in an effective manner. 

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Reilly enjoys being outside now, after being stuck inside his house for a really long time. Both the mother and son hope to go out for walks on as many days as possible and pick up garbage until further notice. 

Reilly’s mom is proud of him, aren’t we too? This little kiddo is a role model for all of us, and we have so much to learn from him. 

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Featured image is not a original photo of Reilly.

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