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Blue Whale Blows Out Heart Shaped Rainbow

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Photographer Tanaki Suwanyangyaun was one of the fortunate people to capture a blue whale at the perfect moment.

Tanaki was on a scuba diving tour around Sri Lanka. On that particular day, Tanaki spent the day swimming among some of the largest mammals in the world where he captured some fantastic photos of himself with whales. But his prize photo was the photo of the blue whale clearing its blowhole.

It’s all about timing when you a photographer.

Permission granted by Tanaki Suwanyangyaun

The way the sunlight reflected with the water droplets, it gave it the appearance that the blue whale was blowing a rainbow-colored heart.

Tanaki was elated about capturing such a unique and rare photo. It was a dream come true, and an experience never to be forgotten.

He said he had always wanted to swim with the whales for as long as he could remember. Lucky for him, his wish came true, and he got a magnificent photo as well.

Tanaki said that he would go back again given a chance.

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Contrary to belief, whales don’t blow water through their blowholes.

Permission granted by Tanaki Suwanyangyaun

A whales blowhole is actually their noses which they breathe through, located on the top of their heads. They blow out a combination of air and mucus. The Exhaled breath of a whale is warm, and in colder lower-pressure air above, water vapor that is present condenses above the whales as droplets.

When waves of sunlight pass through water droplets into the atmosphere and reflect on the water surface, it forms a rainbow.

Permission granted by Tanaki Suwanyangyaun

Image credit: Tanaki Suwanyangyaun

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