Blind Engineer Invented ‘Smart Cane’ That Uses Google To Navigate The Blind

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The power of technology shouldn’t surprise us anymore, with so many products reinvented today.

Recently a revolutionizing smart cane was introduced to help blind people navigate their surroundings by using Google Maps independently.

The ‘Smart Cane’ invented by the visually impaired engineer Kursat Ceylan CEO and co-founder of Young Guru Academy (YGA).

Ceylan would get lost in unfamiliar locations and had to rely on aid from strangers. These distressing experiences motivated him to use his knowledge and invent the “WeWALK.”

According to CNN, Ceylan said that that these days flying car are talked about yet blind people still use a plain stick. At a station he wouldn’t know which is his exit or which bus is approaching, or which stores are around him. That information is supplied by the “WeWALK.”

This amazing cane has built-in speakers, Google, voice assistant, and sensors which sends vibrations about any obstacles in the path above chest level.— making life easier for a blind person.

The smart cane can sell for around $500, which can be purchased from their website.

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