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Blind Dog Gets His Own Adorable Goldern Retriever Puppy Guide Who Doubles As His Best Friend

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Tao, the 12-year-old Golden Retriever, lost his sight due to glaucoma. They had to remove his eyes because of the damage surgically it did to the optic nerve. Although his recovery was fast, he lost his vision. He had to bid farewell to his old life.

After the surgery, Tao struggled to adapt to his new life. He had a hard time playing and enjoying life. With the hope of cheering up Tao, Melanie Jackson, his owner, adopted an 8-week-old Golden Retriever named Oko. 

It didn’t take them long to become besties. Oko now acts as Tao’s eyes. They stick together all the time. Tao is no longer afraid of playing in the fields because Oko is always next to him. Tao has been able to gain a whole new perspective about life, thanks to Oko.

Image: courtesy of tao_mr_winky – Instagram

Oko took away Tao’s fears and gave him his confidence back. Now he plays just like he used to before he lost his sight. Their owner believes that these two dogs have formed a solid bond.

Image: courtesy of tao_mr_winky – Instagram

They do everything together, from sleeping to playing and even eating. Jackson is training Oko to be Tao’s guide. It is to ensure that Oko’s mischievous behavior doesn’t rub-off on Tao. Oko is trained to listen and respond to commands given by his owner. 

Image: courtesy of tao_mr_winky – Instagram

Tao is trained to follow Oko’s scent. Tao’s condition has inspired Jackson to work with the Kennel Club to identify other dogs like Tao and to help them. They have used Tao’s DNA to recognize other dogs that are likely to suffer from the same disease.

Image: courtesy of tao_mr_winky – Instagram

These two adorable cuties even have an Instagram page called tao_mr_winky, which has about 40.4K followers. Don’t they just melt your heart?

Image: courtesy of tao_mr_winky – Instagram
Image: courtesy of tao_mr_winky – Instagram

The Open Mind has permission to feature photos of Tao, for more info click Tao,

We have all heard that blind dogs see with their hearts, which means they may not see a face, but they can read a heart. 

Animals are sentient; they can experience both positive and negative emotions, including pain and distress. If you’ve ever seen a dog dreaming, you will know that they have a subconscious. 

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It is not correct when they say that blind dogs are high-maintenance. The reality is that they do not require extraordinary amounts of care unless they have a medical or behavioral issue. 

Blind dogs are trainable. For people, vision is a primary sense, yet for dogs, it is not. They enjoy going out for walks and car rides, just like sighted dogs. They love being around people and benefit from living with other dogs that have a vision.

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