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Berlin’s Elderly Couple Steals The Show Whenever They Go Out

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Britt Kanja, a Berliner by birth, a creative diva, is a Berlin Style-Icon, an essential character of Berlin’s art- party- and cultural scene. Who loves style and elegance.

Kanja, a professional dancer, has toured almost most of the world and lived six years, mostly in San Diego. She studied science and nutrition.

With her dazzling and never-to-be-forgotten events and wild theme-parties, she paired with the skilled and interesting people.

Promoting elegance, and classical grace with a fine sense of humor, Britt has a flavor to the uniqueness of Audrey Hepburn.

Image courtesy of Britt Kanja

Creating her dresses and complements, she designs and or redrafts her outfits with a genius taste for colors, materials, and shapes.

Britt Kanja, paired with Günther Krabbenhöft, they are Berlin’s fashionistas. 

They have aged like fine wine despite their silver age. Naturally, the stylish duo is loved on social media, too, and praised for their inspiring lifestyle.

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Image courtesy of Britt Kanja

The two of them appear in all kinds of social and cultural events. Wherever they go, the couple stands out with their impeccable looks.

Britt and Günther have great taste in fashion and have mastered blending their wardrobe into ageless classic couple outfits that never go out of style.

Years ago, Günther earned himself the nickname of ‘Hipster Grandpa’ when he went viral. 

Günther feels that he dresses pretty normal as he has always liked to dressed like this. He likes to look at his reflection with joy. He states that his outer reflection is a reflection of his inner self. He attributes his evident health to dancing, which he discovered later in life. 

Günther started as a chef, which his parents instructed him to do. Yet he was always into fashion. Growing up in Hanover, he used to run around in miniskirts when they were coming out for men, with Roman sandals. 

When he moved to Kreuzberg, he mainly dressed in black in the typical alternative look, yet always with that unique personal twist.

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Check out these stunning photos of the two of them below.

Image courtesy of Britt Kanja
Image courtesy of Britt Kanja
Image courtesy of Britt Kanja
Image courtesy of Britt Kanja
Image courtesy of Britt Kanja
Image courtesy of Britt Kanja

Thanks to Britt Kanja for permission to use her photos. Click for more info here.

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