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Bamboo Tower Produces Around 25 Gallons Of Water A Day – Could It Solve Water Scarcity

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One of the world’s major issues is water scarcity, and it only gets worse with the droughts that many countries face. Many countries don’t even have access to clean drinkable water. However, one company came up with a solution.

Imagine spending 4-6 hours every day trying to collect drinkable water that isn’t even clean. That is the fate of those who live in Sub-Sahara Africa. Fortunately, Warka Water Towers has come up with a solution to this problem. They created something called a ‘water bamboo tower.’

These bamboo water towers are easy to assemble and are cost-effective. They can collect around 25 gallons of water per day out of the air. WarkaWater has focused on practicality and convenience when coming up with this idea. Not only does this initiative provide clean water, but it is also accessible.

These water bamboo towers have been helpful in many ways. Such as providing a safe environment to live in, parents taking care of their children and families, decreased infant mortality, developments to the local economy, preservation of the local culture, and restoration of the ecosystem. 

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The tower is 30 feet tall and 13 feet wide. It is covered using latticed bamboo and a lining of orange polyester mesh. Reflective pieces are attached on the top to keep away birds. To effectively collect fog from the atmosphere, they have used the orange mesh. 

The designer of this tower is Arturo Vittori. He believes that this invention will enable Ethiopian children to save their time and prevent illnesses among people. It gives them the opportunity to become more independent. Arturo is also working on improving the original design.

He is researching materials for his newest prototype that reduces heat quickly to take maximum advantage of the short time when the dew forms each day. It will then enhance the quantity of water that the towers collect. Warka is a huge fig tree native to Ethiopia that provides shade, food, and a gathering place.

This is where WarkaWater got its inspiration. Their vision is to provide shade, clean drinking water, and a gathering place. WarkaWater hopes to achieve its goal of enabling access to healthy and clean drinkable water in all remote communities in Ethiopia and then all across Africa. 

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These water bamboo towers are practical and cost-effective because they only cost $1000 to produce. It functions without electricity and takes less than an hour to assemble. It can be easily and quickly packed up and moved. It is simple to teach locals to take care of it and make the necessary repairs. 

Could this be the way forward for many countries? 

The organization also has other projects such as Warka Village, Warka House, Warka Sanitation, Warka Kitchen, Warka Garden, Warka Solar, Warka Forest, and Culture a Porter. This incredible organization has come up with so many sustainable ways to enhance Ethiopian villagers’ life quality. 

Water scarcity is a lack of sufficient water or access to safe water supplies. Water is an urgent need in many regions of the world. Water is the main supply to grow and process food, to create energy, and serve the industry for a continually increasing population.

A few tips so you can save water:

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Check for water leaks on taps and toilets.
Take shorter showers.
Turn the tap off running while brushing your teeth.
Turn the show off while shaving.
Inset a plastic bottle in your toilet tank so that it does not fill up with too much water.

Featured image is a screenshot from the YouTube video.

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