Balancing Stones – An Awesome And Unique Way To Meditate

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We often hear of meditation and think to ourselves, “I really should do that more”, or “I have no clue how to meditate – it’s too hard.” Little do people know that there are countless ways to meditate, ways beyond sitting still with closed eyes. Meditation is about finding one’s silence, balance, center; it’s about coming to terms with oneself. This can be achieved through a variety of ways.

Artist Michael Grab (the man in the video) describes his own unique way of meditation — to him, stone balancing is more than just a hobby. On his website, he says “I feel something divine when I practice. Immune to a complete explanation. Often times I feel as if I’m glimpsing some kind of truth as I dance among an orchestra of vibration and poetic form; a sense of transcendental beauty; brilliant expressions of zen.”

If you think this could be for you, Grab explains briefly on his website the “HOW…?” of this unique and beautiful phenomenon. What do you think about meditating by balancing stones, have you ever tried it? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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