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At Age 5 He Spoke Several Languages, Solved Algebra Puzzles, And Even Showed Signs Of Being Telepathic

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A genius from the age of 5 is said to have psychic powers.

Ramses Sanguino an autism child, who lives in Los Angeles, California, has been described as a “child savant,” as he was able to speak several languages as well as solve complex mathematical equations from a very early age.

Videos posted on YouTube by his mother, Nxy Sanguino, shows Ramses speaking Japanese at two, Russian at 13 months, as well as solving algebra puzzles at five.

Dr. Powell, trained at John Hopkins University and runs a private practice in Medford, Oregon, studied Ramses as part of a cutting-edge research project into telepathy. Dr. Powell believes telepathy may be an alternative method of communication between autistic children and their parents.

The neuroscientist and researcher said: When you think about it, if your primary language is compromised, telepathy would be perfect. She has found that many autistic children have been reported to be telepathic, and she needed to see it for herself to see if it can be evaluated and tested under rigorous, controlled conditions.

According to Dr. Powell, she has already seen signs of telepathy in at least seven different people.

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Dr. Powell analyzed Ramses alleged telepathy by using a random generator to pick numbers for Ms. Sanguino to think about, before asking Ramses to recite the numbers by reading his mother’s mind.

In an experiment which was filmed by Barcroft US, Ramses guess three of five numbers correctly. Dr. Powell said the results are not conclusive.

Dr. Powell said, “It is very risky to one’s credibility to take on a subject like this. ” Yet she is confident that telepathy exists.

Ms. Sanguino is not concerned about her son reading her mind, all she wants is for him to have the best education and be happy.

At an early age, Ms. Sanguino said her son could understand and recite parts of several languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, and Japanese, and could solve fundamental algebra problems.

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Ms. Sanguino, who homeschools Ramses said she knew before he was born that he was going to be someone special who would change the world.

As a baby he didn’t like toys, he just wanted to read. At 12 months he started reading and could say words in Spanish, English, Greek and a little bit of Japanese.

Ramses Sanguino

At 18 months old, he knew the multiplication tables in Spanish and English and had even learned the periodic table and all atomic numbers.

Ms. Sanguino says she taught him some of the languages but has no idea how he learned bits of Hindi, Hebrew or Arabic by three years of age. It may have been via the computer that is left on often.

Placing him in school was a nightmare, as he was the only child that could read in the class.

At first, the teacher liked him and called him the little professor, as soon as Ramses started correcting her on some of her maths and spelling, the teacher began isolating him from the other students.

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She had to take him out of school and back home with her.

He was too far advanced to learn anything there.

Ramses is different, and people don’t understand the way he thinks, as he is obsessed with counting and numbers, he counts everything, houses, books, letters, and won’t budge until he had counted them all.

To this day Ramses is still home schooled.

He is having a lot of therapy to help him with his talent and to learn to be around others.

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Recent photos of Ramses:

Ms. Sanguino had another child, as she wanted Ramses to have a brother and a friend forever.

Here he is teaching his baby brother.
Ramses Sanguino

Ms. Sanguino said she would keep fighting to give him the therapy and education that he needs.

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