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When We Remained Indoors Nature Heals And Wildlife Took To The Streets

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Although the virus is devastating to humans, there is an upside to the lockdown – significant air quality improvements across the globe.

During these challenging days, some wonderful sightings are happening around the world. The spread of pollution and carbon dioxide falls rapidly globally. 

Improvements to our environment were visible from the first day of lockdown globally based on data analysis and comparisons of data before the enforcement of restrictions.

In 2020, India, with a population of about 1,380,004,384, carbon dioxide rate has fallen drastically due to lockdown. According to the World Health Organization, India was in the top 21-30 worst polluted cities in the world, which makes India’s air pollution about five times higher than the “global safe limit” recommended.  

Some residents have said that for the first time in 30 years, the Himalayas are visually more transparent.

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Harbhajan Singh, a former Indian cricketer, said: “The view was unimaginable.” 

“This sight is unprecedented,” according to local conservationist Sant Balbir Sing Seechewal.

As people remain indoors, animals take to the streets. 

The presence of humans would typically keep such wildlife animals from roaming. Some animals are naturally curious and start wandering while others are going hungry as they relied on tourists to feed them treats. 

There is a negative side to life on the streets for some animals. Some of the animals rely on people, mostly tourists, to feed them. Now they are searching around the cities for food. It is possible that they can get hit by a car, or they could swallow some plastic garbage.

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Spain: Peacocks stroll the streets in Ronda.
Great Britain: Wild goats eat manicured hedges in Wales.
Singapore: Otters found swimming in the city fountains.
Chile: Pumas sighted roaming in Santiago.
South Carolina: An Alligator seen by a resident heading towards the mall.
Thailand: Monkeys take over the sidewalk in Lopburi.
Japan: Silka deer wandered through the city streets in Nara.

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