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Artist Uses Stones and Sand to Create Land Art Masterpieces on His Local Beach

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Art is a personal expression of the gentle beauty in nature. John Foreman, a British land artist, is a creative individual who uses natural resources found on the shore of the beach like pebbles, stones, and seashells to create vivid patterns decoratively.

Foreman was inspired by the woodlands and coastline of his birthplace in Wales. Similarly, another individual called Debra Bernier was also inspired by the beach and nature, used Driftwood in Victoria and Canada to improvise amazing sculptures.

Foreman’s primary element of his masterpiece were rocks. He used various rocks of shape, size, and color to create swirls and crescents to replicate nature’s design found on certain elements, like the pattern found on shells or wave-like structures. He spent around six hours organizing his work on the sand and finally captured his masterpiece from an elevated area to capture a lively formation of beautiful artwork.

©Jon Foreman
©Jon Foreman
©Jon Foreman
©Jon Foreman
©Jon Foreman
©Jon Foreman
©Jon Foreman

On the other hand, Bernier used Driftwood to carve visages of people, animals, and feminine figures. She used shells, stones, and clay for her final touches to make her sculptures seem more authentic. Bernier loved children, animals, and nature. Thus her sculptures portray the link between humanity and nature without any doubt.

Driftwood means the residues of trees that have either been washed away or found floating in a water body. They are mainly found in riverbanks, beaches, and the embankment of a lake.

© Debra Bernier

Many say that art reflects human creations and expressions, including aesthetics like literature, sculptures, paintings, and films. Thus, it is also a way of communicating one’s perspectives and visions to the eyes of the World.

Daniel Popper, an artist from South Africa who has traveled across the World, also created sculptures, but his main intentions were to create shared spaces or platforms for people using installation artwork. Daniel is well renowned for his art installations placed in music festivals.

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For example, Boom Festival in Portugal, Electric Forest Festival in USA and Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia. This way, he managed to blend his artwork into electronic display and projection on public platforms.

Thrive . 2020 Fort Lauderdale. South Florida
@society.lasolas GFRC and Steel, 8m

Popper also created a concrete sculpture of a woman ripping her chest wide open. This sculpture weighed 14 tons. In addition, he pursued oil painting by working outdoors, representing the relationship of man and nature once again.

Daniel is now a founder of a production company named ‘Pop Productions’, which focuses on interior design, stage design, innovative advertising, etc.

In conclusion, there are many different multi-talented artists who manage to captivate the hearts of many through their unique skills and mind.

Image credits: Jon Foreman: Sculpt The World

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