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Artist Creates Massive Public Art Inspired by Life and Nature

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Art is a worldly language that speaks to all of us. An artist from South Africa named Daniel Popper has built large installation structures. These installations have the ability to heighten an individual’s experience of space. 

From Cape Town, South Africa, Daniel has traveled the globe, creating various sculptures, installations, and stages. He specializes in public art, stage design, installation art, interactive art, and interior design. Daniels’s aim was to create shared spaces for people using installation artwork. 

Daniel is known for his massive public art installations at top music festivals like Boom Festival in Portugal, the Electric Forest festival in the USA, Rainbow Serpent festival in Australia, also Afrikaburn in the Tankwa Karoo in South Africa.

Permanent artwork, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Slunj, Croatia @modemfestival

Daniel incorporates his artwork into the stage design or space design. Plenty of companies have requested him to create unusual installations to promote their brands. Various of his projects involve collaborations with other artists, artisans, and technicians to incorporate LED lighting, electronic music, and projection mapping.

He also creates temporary and permanent work.

Popper erected a permanent public installation made of a glass-fiber reinforced concrete structure called Thrive at a residential building Society Las Olas, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Thrive is a 30-foot structure of a woman ripping her chest open, weighing 14 tons. It has a tunnel covered in fern, inviting people to walk through the green interior full of peace.

Thrive . 2020 Fort Lauderdale. South Florida
@society.lasolas GFRC and Steel, 8m

He learned fine art and had a great interest in still life drawing and oil painting. Working outdoors gave him a whole new purpose. His themes deal with nature and mankind’s relationship with nature. Daniel’s installation structures are visually meditative and transcendental. 

ANIMA 2019 from EDC Las Vegas.

These artwork act as places where people can engage, connect, and share experiences with themselves and others. Some people have even proposed under his installations. 

The new entrance to the Pavillion at @artwithmetulum in Tulum.

His art is a combination of creativity and nature. Daniel usually creates his pieces outdoors because of conceptual requirements and the large scale of the installations. Several of his designs blur the lines between art, sculpture, and brand activation.

ANIMA at night during the epic fireworks at @edc_lasvegas .

Although these installation structures look gorgeous, it takes a lot of hard work because each environment has various complexities. Apparently, Daniel was inspired by organic materials and the texture of wood. 

“Emergence” at @boomfestivalofficial . 🙏 For the amazing 📷 by @alexvanoostrum1

He has designed ethereal installations for the Modem Festival in Croatia, Electric Forest Festival in the USA, and others. Five of Daniel’s structures are to be exhibited at the Morton Arboretum in Chicago. The exhibition is named ‘Human Nature’ and will open on the 9th of April, 2021. 

Tulum @artwithmetulum 

Popper has also begun to experiment with concrete due to its structural and textural properties. He sometimes collaborates with Wayne Ellis in order to project visuals onto the installation structures, using mapping technology. We hope to see more of his creations in the future.

Daniel founded a production company called “Pop Productions,” which focuses on creative concept design, decor planning, interior design, innovative advertising, stage design, brand activation and fabrication, lighting solutions, spacial planning, and sculpture, both permanent and temporary.

Many argue that art can’t be defined, as art is so often considered the product or process of deliberately designing elements in a way that appeals to peoples emotions and senses. It incorporates a diverse range of human creations, activities, and expressions, including music, literature, film, sculpture, and paintings.

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Daniel is not the only one who creates art on a colossal scale.

Netherlands street artist paints gigantic bookcases on buildings of the resident’s favorite books. It transforms the building into realistic bookcases. 

Initially, he wanted to draw a colossal smiley on the façade as this depiction is happiness; then again, he felt that the smiley is too simple and would not make much of an impact.

All images are used with permission from Daniel Popper. For more info: | Instagram | Facebook

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