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Artist Crafts Delightful Lifelike Animals

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Who doesn’t like cute animal toys? They are as equally adorable as real animals. A Russian artist named Yulia Derevschikova came up with the idea to create cute felted animals using wool. They look so realistic and lifelike. 

These delightful animals are sure to make you go “aww” and will make you desperately crave for one. They look as though they came right out of a Disney fairytale. The best thing is, you can hold these miniature animals right in the palm of your hand. 

Copyright ©Yulia Derevschikova

Yulia has used the traditional needle felting technique when creating these felted animals. It takes her over 20 hours to complete one creature. By using a needle, she precisely fuses the woolen fibers. It creates fuzzy forms, making the animals look like real fur.

Copyright ©Yulia Derevschikova

Each work has its unique cute style, fuzzy bodies, little noses, wispy whiskers, and big beady eyes to make them super adorable. Yulia has been making these felted animals since around 2015. She has made over hundreds of them since then. 

Copyright ©Yulia Derevschikova

Yulia is keen on crafting forest animals such as baby foxes, deer, tiny rabbits, and mice. She even makes exotic mammals such as llamas, bush babies, and lion cubs. Every work of art showcases her attention to detail and amazing talent. Can you imagine how much patience it requires to create one animal? 

Copyright ©Yulia Derevschikova

Yulia photographs these animals outdoors to give them a more authentic and realistic appearance. She certainly has great talent.

Copyright ©Yulia Derevschikova

They say artistic people are challenging to understand as they merely not from this world. Yet, we are all unique in our own ways. Artistic people have a unique ability to express their impressions, feelings, and memories through different kinds of art. 

Copyright ©Yulia Derevschikova

I‘m not sure about you, but I genuinely appreciate and enjoy various artist’s work.

Copyright ©Yulia Derevschikova

Many artists are creating masterpieces that are eco-friendly by using recyclable objects. This enables artists to reduce pollution as well as costs. 

If you are interested in art sculptured from driftwood and scrap metal found at junkyards. He does use a lot of forks and spoons to create birds. Check out his work here.

Permission was granted to use the photos from Yulia Derevschikova, for more info.

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