Arkansas City Pays Homeless $9.25 An Hour For Cleaning Up The City

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Source: YouTube Screenshot / THV11

The state of Arkansas is paid eight homeless people to pick up trash, clear weeds, and other cleaning up roles. They were paid $ 9.25 cash an hour and feed a meal to pick up the garbage in the city.

The salary paid to the homeless is estimated to be two dollars more than the federal minimum wage. 

Paul Atkins, who runs the program in Little Rock, which is nicknamed Bridge to Work, is the pastor of the Canvas Community church. 

Paul Atkins and Frank Scott Jr., the mayor of Little Rock, were excited about the results of the trial run in April, which was very successful. Therefore they would like to extend the project for another year, hoping to keep the momentum going.

The Bridge to Work program was only supposed to last only six months, will be extended to carry on through to the end of September 2020, According to 12 News Now.

The goal is to allow the homeless to connect to services that can help them reach full employment or the next step to what they need. There could be a lot of obstacles to overcome, going from homeless and panhandling to full-time work.

Approximately 130 sites have been cleaned, an estimated 2,056 bags of trash, and 1821 hours involved since the program began, according to reports from news outlets.

According to the New York Post, Arkansas has since raised the state minimum wage to $ 9.25 per hour this year.

In the video below a man said, ‘He wants to show his son, no matter how many times you have to start over again or get knocked down, try and try again, see what happens.’

An estimated report in 2018, Arkansas, has about 432 homeless people in families with children. The remaining 2,280 homeless individuals in Arkansas are about 240 unaccompanied homeless youths.

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