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Archaeologist Portrays How People Looked Thousands of Years Before Us – Amazing Results

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Nilsson, the Swedish archaeologist, is also a sculptor who concentrates on rebuilding faces of ancient skulls found in excavated graves. In 1996 Oscar Nilsson started his own company named O.D. Nilsson, working with numerous museums around the world.

A human skull has a story to tell. The features predict the way of life, from gender, age, ethnicity, weight even health to a trained eye and an osteologist investigation is essential.

Reconstructions are produced on copies of the original skulls. The shape and appearance of the nose, eyes, and mouth is established by studying the skull. The hair and eye color are qualified guesswork, but due to advanced technology, DNA can provide the opportunity to assess the eye and hair color.

The hyper-realistic reconstructions are made by sculptor and archaeologist Oscar D. Nilsson, with assistance from specialized artisans and scientists they provide museums worldwide with 3D and 2D reconstructions of historical findings.

Nilsson wrote on his website that the human face is a motif that never ceases to fascinate him. The variation of the underlying structures, as well as the variety in details, seem endless. All the faces he reconstructs are unique.

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From his website we have taken a few photos – Finding the faces from the past;

Neanderthal Woman from 50,000 years ago.

Image credit: FB/ODNilsson

Interesting how the image of the Neanderthals has changed over the years. Worth noting is that this new image coincides with the insight that we Europeans share 2-4% DNA with the Neanderthals.

A young woman from the Stone Age (5500 years ago)

Image credit: FB/ODNilsson

Viking man

Image credit: FB/ODNilsson

“A Viking Age man from Sigtuna, Sweden. It is, as usual, a facial reconstruction with forensic precision, but in addition to this: his DNA.
The man is on display är Vikingaliv, Stockholm.”

Huarmey Queen

Image credit: FB/ODNilsson

Huarmey Queen was found in 2012, in a tomb along with 57 other noblewomen. They were all buried extravagantly with jewelry.

A teenager from 9,000 years ago

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Image credit: FB/ODNilsson

18 years old Avgi a typical teenager from 9,000 years ago in Greece.

Permission to publish photographs granted by Oscar Nilsson.

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