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April 26th/27th Rare Pink Super Moon In Scorpio – Prepare For Energy Shift And Balance

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The Pink Moon always signifies rebirth and renewal as Spring begins to take shape in April. 

This Pink Full Moon on the 26th/27th of April will be the largest Super Moon this year. Although it is called Pink, the moon won’t be pink.

Don’t be disappointed: The “Super Pink Moon” won’t look “super pink” or any hue of pink. The Moon will be its usual goldern near the horizon and fade to a bright white as it glides overhead!

This year, we will have another supermoon on May 26. Supermoons are said to be bigger and brighter than your average full Moon.

In North America, the April full moon is often called the Pink Moon, Grass Moon, or Egg Moon. You probably won’t notice that the moon is larger than usual unless you are an experienced observer.

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Spiritually, the Pink Moon always signifies rebirth and renewal as Spring begins to take shape in April. 

Spiritualist Cherokee Billie believes the Pink Moon brings the stability and security to crystallize new changes and make them permanent improvements.

This full moon is going to set us free. Free from most things that have been pulling us down since the beginning of the year. The full moon will also allow each of us to consider how we can unite, combine as a society, and put some balance back into our life.

On the relationship front, it also brings in balance, as it is all about giving and taking, you probably craving fairness. This moon is all about fixing things in any relationship.

In these challenging times, with most of us in different stages of Lockdown, which is hard to deal with, you could be feeling as though you are living in a dream world. You could be feeling lonely and separated from the rest of the world. 

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This moon is also about compassion, selflessness towards others. It wants us to understand and feel the others’ suffering while pulling us together, as we are all in this together. 

If you are in the troubled zone focusing on your own issues, this is the time you should start to think about others and how they are being affected by everything that is happening in the universe. 

The moon is joined to two planets, Jupiter and Pluto. Pluto can make you feel nervous, and you want to control life, knowing full well you can’t, yet Jupiter lets you know that all will be okay! Have a little bit of patience.

Our vibrations dictate the energy, so we would be better off if you let go of our egos. We all need to accept that life is a gift and stop wasting our time and acknowledge that the true meaning of life comes from being there for others as well. Be it a simple phone call, a plate of food, or a donation, no gesture is too big or small. 

Don’t beat yourself up should you reach out for some help. Be gentle towards everyone as the moon could be amplifying the suffering by drawing out emotions and past wounds. Don’t rebuke anyone else as you never know what the other person is going through.

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The super pink moon will rise on the night of the 26th, and be visible through to the 27th of April. The exact moment of perigee falls at 11:31 p.m. EDT, yet you do not need to stay up that late to catch the event.

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