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Ancient Armadillo About The Size of a Car Discovered by Farmer in Argentina 

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You might have heard of armadillos, but have you ever heard of armadillos about the size of a car? A farmer in Argentina came across these 20,000-year-old remains of four prehistoric armadillos. 

He found the armadillos shells at the bottom of a dried out riverbed. These glyptodonts are mammals that lived during the Pleistocene era. They are relatives of the modern-day armadillos. 

Glyptodonts are considered heavily armed mammals. Their origins can be traced back to about 20 million years and are said to have originated in South America.

After the continents connected several million years ago, they even reached the southern side of North America. Farmer Juna de Dios Sota came across them in a riverbed outside Buenos Aires, taking his cows to a field to graze.

Archeologists from the Institute of Archeological and Paleontological Investigations of the Pampa Quaternary are extracting the remains. 

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According to Messineo, the leading archeologist, the group of glyptodonts consisted of two adults and two younglings. At the beginning of the excavation, they only had two and later found another two.

These mammals have a round body, squat limbs, and a bony shell. They weigh around 1,000 kilograms. It has been said that they can grow to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. Scientists believe that they disappeared from the face of Earth 10,000 years ago.

It’s the first time four creatures like this were discovered in the same place, facing the same direction. They will be examined further to determine their sex, age, and cause of death. 

Featured image is a screenshot taken from the YouTube video.

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Armadillos are mammals covered by a shell that is different from tortoiseshells and seashells. Their shell is made up of bony plates covered by hard and thick skin. 

Armadillos have long sticky tongues to catch beetles, termites, ants, and other insects after digging them out of the ground. Armadillos eat eggs, plants, some fruits, and small vertebrates.

Armadillos are not domesticated pets; they are wild animals and can be challenging to care for if kept in captivity, as they need space to dig and roam. They are mostly active at night.

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