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An Unwanted Pup Becomes Law Enforcement

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All of us have a purpose in this lifetime, even animals. This springer spaniel was given to the Dogs Trust Leeds. He was just an unwanted puppy in the beginning. But after he started his new life in law enforcement, he became a specialist police dog.

Charlie is just one-year-old, yet when he was about five months old, his owners gave him away because they weren’t ready to have a puppy. 

When Charlie was at the rehoming center in Leeds, he grabbed the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Police Dog Unit’s attention. 

His personality made him suitable to sniff out illegal substances, cash, and weapons (DCW) dog. These types of dogs are playful, determined, and curious. That is why the policemen usually choose Spaniels and Labradors as DCW dogs. They adopted Charlie to train and transform him into a specialist police dog. 

Whenever Charlie finds what he is looking for and informs his trainers, he gets to play with his favorite toy. He passed his 6-week training very successfully. Now Charlie and his handler work in the combined forces dog unit, and they go to crime scenes where Charlie sniffs out illegal things. 

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Once his job is done, he goes home with his handler and gets some rest. On his free days, Charlie has a great time with his handler and their family. Charlie leads a good life where he gets to play, spend time with his handler, and provide a useful service to the police.

He went from being an unwanted puppy to being a specialist police dog. 

Let us not forget that there is hope for every one of us out there. We just have to find our purpose just like this dog did. 

The Police Departments in Quebec are now adopting & training pit bulls instead of the typical German shepherd and the Belgian Malinois expensive dogs. They used to be the primary breed of dog for the K-9 patrol duties in Quebec until after a ban was lifted. Brad Croft of Animal Farm Foundation declared that the breed of dog does not dictate a dog’s ability to work.

Police dogs in China are exceptionally disciplined. It just goes to show what training can do. They can sniff out illegal items in a line-up and use them for search-and-rescue operations, and the list goes on. To view these remarkable dogs here.

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