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Instagram Model Sells Nudes To Aid Australia, Raising An Estimated $1,000,000

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Kaylen Ward, a Texas-born, Los Angeles based model, was emotional and upset after viewing images of the bushfires on social media.

Kaylen was concerned that the disaster was not getting enough global recognition. When Notre Dame burned down, it received loads of coverage as well as donations, yet she didn’t see Australia getting many contributions.

Kaylen then took matters into her own hands and after seeing disturbing photos of animal habitats and burnt-out houses, and asked her followers to donate a minimum of $10 in exchange for individualized naked selfies. A day later, she claimed to have received around 20,000 messages on Twitter.

Donations were to be paid directly to charity organizations that were assisting with the devastating blazes, which included Victorian Country Fire Service, Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service, and koala hospitals across the nation. Kaylen didn’t want to handle any monies.

Initially, she hoped to raise at least a few thousand dollars, of which she herself chipped in $1000 herself. Within a few minutes, she was bombarded by hundreds of people sending private messages on Twitter and Instagram, sending their receipts to confirm that they had indeed donated.

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She has in the past sent photos for money, yet this time she was hoping that regular customers would be interested in donating for a good cause.

Kaylen mentioned that someone had even sent her $5,000 to whom she is sending 50 photos and a video.

When her post went viral on Instagram, her account was deactivated and was forced to initiate a new account while trying to restoring her primary account.

At some point both of her accounts got deactivated, her family disowned her, and the guy she liked won’t talk to her. Despite all that, she still managed to raise about half a million dollars.

When she first began, she was anxious and nervous, as soon as her inbox started to get flooded with messages, those thoughts went right out the window, she cried with happiness.

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Kaylen Ward is now considering doing it again for future natural catastrophes. Yet it couldn’t have been plain sailing for Kaylen raising money for a good cause. The internet is full of bullies and people that harass people.

Her Instagram is updated, and her bio reads “raising money for Australia one nude at a time,” and her alias is @thenakedphilanthropist, where at the time of writing, she has 911 Following 190.8K Followers.

Despite it being a charitable cause, some people have chosen to share her nudes freely.

On Twitter, Kaylen wrote:

“People that have donated are offering my nudes for free to those who haven’t. Honestly, y’all are so sick, and you’re about to ruin it for everyone.”

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To name a good few Celebs who have pledged either by donating their own money or promoting fundraisers are;

  • Aussie comedian Celeste Barber.
  • Australian actress Magda Szubansk.
  • Will’ Egg Boy’ Connolly.
  • Australian DJ Flume.
  • Kim Kardashian.
  • Nicole Kidman and husband, Keith Urban.
  • American singer Selena Gomez.
  • American singer Pink, real name is Alecia Beth Moore.
  • Billionaire Australian pub baron Justin Hemmes.
  • Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery.

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