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Amateur Photographer Tracks Down People He Captured Decades Ago to Recreate Their Photos

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Chris Porsz, an amateur photographer and paramedic, took random photos in the late 1970s and 80s around Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. Approximately 40 years later he recreated some of his favorite photos.

Porsz took random photos of lovers, teenagers, punks, siblings traders and police officers.

Porsz went on a seven-year search to track some of the people down that posed in his favorite photos. He published the photos in local and national papers. He even posted the photos on his website and Facebook page.

It was remarkable that some of them recognized themselves. He then persuaded those people to pose so that he could reconstruct the photo for his book. Resulting in 135 delightful reunions.

Porsz found it enormously satisfying to see the smiles on the people’s faces when they met up again.

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Finally, Porsz nicknamed ‘paramedic paparazzo,’ hard work paid off, and his book “Reunions” was published. Writer Jo Riley attached a story to individual photos in his book.

Below are a few of his photos he recreated.

1985 And 2015
Punks Tina Tarr and Dog were pictured near the Cathedral in Peterborough. The couple left the city and went travelling. They have twins, but are no longer together. Tina lives in Dorset and makes willow products, she also hosts weaving workshops. Dog lives in South West Wales and does hedge laying and gardening.
1985 And 2016
Punk Badger Farcue won a Pizza Eating competition in Cathedral Square. Badger now has five children and lives in Somerset where he tarmacs roads
1987 And 2016
Andy now works for the Royal Mail in Werrington. Richard married with two boys and is an electrician in Peterborough. Tony James works as a stone cutter and has two children. Aaron is married with three boys and works at Ikea. Devinder moved to Yorkshire and is married with two boys and works for the Housing Association. They have arranged a school reunion and plan to stay in touch.
1980 And 2009
Tony Wilmot was saying goodbye to Sally his girlfriend at the time. A year after this photo was taken they got married and have two children. Tony and Sally are both headteachers and live in Lichfield.
1980 And 2013
Sisters from left to right, Shehnaz Begum, her twin Rukhsana and their older sister Itrat sitting in the window of their house on Cromwell Road.
1981 And 2015
Donna Yarnell was only five when she was photographed with three year old brother Steven. Donna still lives in Peterborough and has four daughters. Steven lives Peterborough and has a son.
1980 And 2015
The four men have remained good friends and were only too pleased to pose for the photograph.
1980 And 2010
David Harvey and Tim Goodman in Bridge Street. David Harvey is retired now after becoming Chief Superintendent, and his son is a policeman in London. Tim Goodman is a successful businessman and has six children.
1983 And 2016
Martin Coulson and Andy Randall were school friends. Martin is a warehouse manager and is currently re-training, he has two children. Andy is a telematics engineer and is married with three children.
1980 And 2016
Steve Osborn AKA Metal Mickey as he was known, broke both his legs in motorbike accidents and has had plates and bolts put in them. Steve uses a walking stick to get around and lives in Spalding and married with four children. His son died in 2012. Steve plays the guitar and has raised over £20,000 for National Association of Bikers with a Disability.

This article is published with kind permission from Chris Porzs. For more info or to purchase his book go to his website.

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