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Airplane Cabin Cleaner Became Pilot After 24 Years

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Mohammed Abubakar, never gave up on his dreams. He worked his way up from cleaner at Air Azman Nigeria for 24 years to captain in the aviation industry.

Going through the ranks, Mohammed Abubakar finally made it. It shows you that hard work and determination can pay off, Abubakar is proof of it when he received his fourth bar to become a captain.

Many people didn’t believe that he would be able to do it because of his meager wage.

Photo Credit: Azman Air/Twitter

Here’s how Abubakar’s inspiring story began;

After he completed school, he went to enroll in Kaduna Polytechnic. He, unfortunately (or fortunately in his case) was too late and failed to get admission.

Abubakar then got a casual job as an aircraft cleaner with Kabo Air in Kaduna. Later he got a job as ground staff with the Maiduguri Airline, where he worked in most of the units except security. That was the stepping stone to getting into the aviation sector.

After eight years service in Kabo Air where he earnt N17,000 monthly, Abubakar got a position as cabin crew. From there he moved over to Aero Contractors, oil and gas section as a flight attendant working in their chartered services.

At Aero, he was noticed by the Deputy Managing Director when he gave him some valuable input, which helped the company. They soon developed a fantastic working relationship where Abubakar opinions counted. Abubakar was stunned when he got his first salary as it escalated from N17,000 at Kabo Air to N170,000 at Aero.

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Abubakar sought advice from the managing director about his dream of training as a pilot.

He joined a contribution system with his fellow colleagues and with the money from that and the money he saved he managed to get a private pilot license in Canada, which marked his take-off as an aircraft pilot.

Photo Credit: Azman Air/Twitter
Photo Credit: Azman Air/Twitter
Photo Credit: Azman Air/Twitter

Never give up on your dreams!

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