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Airline Turns Grounded Planes Into Pop-Up Restaurants Which Sell Out in 30 Minutes

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Due to the loss of profits caused by the global crisis, Singapore Airways decided to use two Airbus A380 planes at the Changi Airport as restaurants. Apparently, only on the 24th and 25th of October. According to Bloomberg reviews, all the seats were booked in just under 30 minutes after bookings opened.

Singapore Airways presented four different types of meals, each meal costing around $474. Half the seats in the plane were available, considering social distancing rules. This idea was to help cover some of their losses. 

When assessed in July, there was a web lack of over $1 billion in the quarter that ended on June 30th. So by the end of September, Singapore Airlines started coming up with other ways to earn profits. They were even willing to deliver meals to people (cooking directions included). 

Out of 220 planes, only 32 airplanes have been operating since the end of September. Most flights all around the world have been grounded due to the current situation. Many airline meal suppliers now sell their products in local markets, allowing customers to purchase their products. 

Other airlines have also come up with various ideas on how to earn income. The Qantas Airline provides scenic flights in planes that take off and land in the same airport. Although Singapore Airways came up with a plan to do the same, they had to give up due to environmental issues.

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Singapore Airways is trying to come up with ways in which they can provide for the additional demand for the pop-up airplane restaurant. 

The airline industry is suffering and could shrink by at least half to survive. Thousands of workers have taken voluntary cuts.

Second-tier US carriers seem to be better positioned than the big names. The ones with low financial risk with no known government or shareholder support.

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One of the largest challenges facing airlines is business travel implosion because corporate conferences have canceled, and Investment bankers are all doing deals virtually. Companies are no longer rewarding star performers with travel excursions.

Times are so challenging for airlines that they’re taking dramatic steps to lure customers.

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