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After Living in a Shed, the Homeless 8-Year-Old Earns Enough to Get His Family a Home

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The current global situation has negatively affected most people, even this 8-year-old Aaron Moreno and his family, who became homeless. Aaron’s mother lost her job, so his family had to live in a shed in East Los Angeles. But this little kiddo didn’t give up. He started a plant business.

Thanks to his patience and dedication, his family was able to buy a new home. They had to face innumerable obstacles due to being homeless. Aaron’s family had to use bathrooms belonging to nearby restaurants and also tolerate extreme heat when sleeping. 

It was even hard for Aaron to complete his homework. His mother was devastated because she felt as if she was failing her children. But Aaron was brave. He used $12, the only amount of money his mother had left, to start a small business. With this money, he bought eight miniature succulents.

Aaron was able to get a $4 profit through selling them. After that, he kept on investing money in plants. It was successful, and it enabled him to save a few hundred dollars in the bank. Aaron and his mom both share their love for plants. His personal favorites are aloe vera and the money tree.

Selling plants helped little Aaron to improve his knowledge about plants as well. His story became famous over the internet. One of his mother’s friends named Esli Ramos even made him a GOFundMe page to help him out. Moreno is now a social media celebrity. The positive feedback he got from everyone encouraged him to move forward. 

Aaron’s sister Ayleen had been living with their grandmother in Mexico because they were suffering financially. Although Aaron initially wanted to save money for a house, he also wanted to reunite the family. Now Aaron and his family are living in a one-bedroom apartment and are very happy.

Aaron hopes to work for Nike, make his own shoes, and then go to university and become a judge. This 8-year-old is an example to all of us. 

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He never gave up and did all that he could to help his family. Finally, his efforts paid off. 

What an inspiring young boy 8-year-old! This amazing boy, Aaron Moreno, certainly understands life hardships and loves his family. It is always lovely to see a happy ending. 

During a time like this, we too need to help those who are struggling financially and mentally. 

Starting a business would involve planning. Making critical financial decisions and performing a series of legal activities. 

Essential steps are as follows;

1.Write a business plan.

2.Fund your business.

3.Choose a location.

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4.Choose a business structure.

5.Choose a business name.

6.Register your business.

7.Make sure you get all the legal documents in place.

Easy businesses to start that does not require much are;

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1.Landscaping and gardening.

2.Event Planning.

3.Painting homes.

4.Teaching one of your hobbies. 

The most profitable small business;

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1.Website designing.

2.Catering services.

3.Courier services.

4.Mobile hairdresser.

5.Cleaning services.

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6.Online tutoring.


How to begin a business when you don’t have much money;

Ask yourself what you could do that does not require much money to outlay initially. Save up money for expenses. Apply for a small business loan. Look for small business grants of local funding opportunities.

All images are used with permission. Image credits and more info aaronsgarden.

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